My friend Heather, from Mesa, came to visit me a few weeks ago.

We are lame.

We only took one picture the entire 3 days.

So I will tell you of our doings with the help of others.

We did a lot of shopping.

(Totally looks like us.)

We watched lots of movies.

I introduced Heather to the man I would have married, had Steve not found me first...and had I been 10 years younger...and an actress.

She was grateful.

We also went to the BYU Bookstore at the Provo Campus.

How is that fun, you ask? For being a school bookstore, they have everything.

We did have to wade our way through a sea of juvenile EFYers to get there, (heaven help us all, for they are the future of our world), but it was worth the trip.

There, we came upon the most beautiful handbag that has ever been crafted. It was a bag by Chinese Laundry.

And I fell inlove the moment I saw the gorgeous turquoise leather and the oversized bow adorning one side.

It took me back to the feelings I had the first time I kissed a boy. Giddy. Excitement. Feeling like I needed to barf.

Heather and I decided that if Zac Efron was a bag, this bag would be him.

In the end, the price tag won. And with sadness, we both left Utah Valley without it.

(I've looked all over the place online for a picture to show you the gloriousness that is this bag, but I can't find anything even close...so I won't attempt. Just know, that if you're ever in Provo and need to buy me a present, you know what I want.)

Heather did pick up some of these...Chocolate Covered Cinnamon Bears.

Which apparently are a BYU tradition. (Surprised me. Went there 2 1/2 years and never heard of 'em.)

After the bookstore, we went across the street to Brick Oven. Rock on, Brick Oven. I love that place.

Again, we didn't get any pictures, so here is a picture of someone that is sitting in the very booth we were in. What are they odds! It's like she knew some strange girls, somewhere in time, would need a picture of that very booth.

We rounded off our feeding frenzy of the weekend with one of these:

Worth every penny.

Some side notes:

--Ghosts of Girlfriends Past sucked. Skeezy and typical role for ole Matthew McCona-whatever.

--I have decided that the next time I get to Provo, I'm buying the beautiful Zac bag.

--The cinnamon bears melted in the car a few hours after Heather bought them and I never did get to try one. I trust they're good. Chocolate covered anything...

--The preggie in the picture went into labor that night and had a little baby boy. Just one of the magical powers Brick Oven has.

--I hear Zac is engaged. It's just as well. I'm preoccupied...and old.

Thanks for visiting, Heather.

Bring your short blonde friend next time!


  1. Dan had no idea how old you are. He said you were pushing 30. I told him you were 30 because I am 29. He feels old now. It's fun to make him feel old. BTW - That ice cream looks yummy.

  2. ooooh fun! *pout* i wish i were there with you girls too! oooh the power of the brick oven...i don't think i would be so lucky to have one anywhere within a 50 mile radius from me...i could REALLY use one of those at the moment! ;)

    *sigh* i miss us girls!

  3. I didn't like Ghosts of Girlfriends Past, either. It sounds like you had a great time. I would have bought the awesome chocolate covered raisins at the bookstore. Yum!

  4. The post made me laugh, then cry, then cry from laughing. I adore that bag. I feel like a piece of me is missing because I came home without it. Can I just copy ur post for my blog?

  5. Dan--Especially for Youth. Like a summer camp for teenagers at BYU. Obnoxious teenagers...high on life and crushes. And how rude! You don't know how old I am.

    Stina--wish you were there too. Is it weird that I'm getting some twisted pleasure out of you being so far along and miserable? After all, you haven't had that experience yet :)

    Lisa--I stared at those chocolate covered raisins for a couple minutes. Believe me, I was tempted.

    Heather--knock yourself out.

  6. Macey's used to sell chocolate covered cinnamon bears, but they disappeared one day...that was a sad, sad day. I think they were replaced by their inferior, sub-par siblings, the chocolate covered gummy bears. Gummy bears should not be messed with. Period.

  7. I want to come next time!! :) And I want to see this magical Zach bag, I bet is it perfect! You nerds should have gotten it, :) You only live once! choco covered cin bears.,. hmmm. interesting, you should make some. Miss you!
    *the short blonde friend*


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