brooklyn's bows

For those who want some really good bow-making tutorials, (and you know that means you, Dan and Jeremy), I just found a good site.

This gal does really detailed, easy, and cut tuts. I haven't made any from her site, but I plan on it. (Heather, there's even one for a little Minnie Mouse bow that I thought you would love for Mady.)

Happy Bow-Making!


  1. HA!

    I thought you were talking about making bows to hunt and kill with at first, which I figured would be pretty cool, and then I realized what you were talking about.

    And yes, I can think of nothing more super fantastic than tying off an ivory sheer Tulle Crystal Bow or a rhinestone studded double ruffle while sitting in front of the TV and watching me some Lifetime Original Movies.

    Oh, yeah!

    It makes me all giggley inside.

  2. Hey...I have never watched a Lifetime Original while bow-making...

    ...Seen one, seen 'em all.

  3. Nothing tickles me pink more than bow making!

  4. ooohhhh! if i don't go into labor here in the next few days, i'll have some made before baby is here! if not, it shall have to wait till i have free time! thank you!!


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