the tough get going

Some people hit the drink, fire up the bong, sleep away their worries, or eat themselves into a utopian state of lethargy... All in the name of "Forget your troubles, come on, get happy."

I gave the stress-eating a try once and it just didn't cut it. The worry was still there...along with an extra donk in the ba-donk.

My go-to way to cope--KEEP MY HANDS & MY MIND BUSY. Idle hands and an idle mind are the quickest way to spiral down to depression. Which nobody wants.

So, I will be finding projects and focusing on all things distracting until it's back to business as usual.

P.S. A healthy dose of denial is also a very useful tool when the chips are down.

Just don't overdose.


  1. I think making that would make me more depressed. All my sewing projects turn out oddly. It sure is cute though!

  2. That is super cute! :) good job, I wish I could look at life that way you do, I can't seem to pull myself out of this funk lately!

  3. What has got you so stressed out? I should live by your motto. I tend to turn to snacking when I am stressed. So bad!

  4. All the stuff you make is incredible! You should totally start a home business! Or sell them on Ebay, create a website, ect... Hope things turn around soon!

  5. So do you ever try making dresses for Lily? You could get very creative with that. The apron is really cute.

  6. Are you ok? Man, what the heck is up with this year? I am in a huge funk and so is Casey... I'm about fed up!

  7. Dagnabit! I just heard about Steve getting laid off. That sucks. Damned environmentalist wackos and their socialist puppet Barry Obamanation. I wish they'd all just die already.

    They're going to strangle the economy of the Basin, and raise fuel costs for everyone.

    I'm not worried about Steve, though. He's one guy I'd expect to find another job right away. He's got a gift for getting things done.


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