sweet justice

I haven't watched last night's episode of Biggest Loser yet, but I couldn't wait.

Isn't karma a thing of beauty?

Even if you don't watch the show! You would be digusted with him if you did. People like that don't deserve to have their way.

As the Fonze would say...

Sit on it!

(I don't enjoy being spiteful. Well...okay, maybe a little. But I don't dig the icky people.)

Okay. I just watched it. I stand by Ron sitting on it. He's trying to make Mike out to be a saint. Giving sob stories. Blah Blah. Manipulative to the very end, that one is.


  1. You HAVE to watch last nights episode. All I could think was which one really deserves to stay. I guess it would be Mike, but I actually think we ought to go back in time and bring Sioni or Filipe back and kick both Ron and Mike off.

  2. Okay, okay. I'll watch it. But Ron's past offenses would be hard to get over. I want to vote for him cuz he wants Mike to stay so bad.

  3. I couldn't get through to vote. Busy signal!

  4. lol, I Voted, 10 times online and 3 on the phone, I am soo happy its those two in the bottom! I'm hoping that Tara wins! :) She is great!

  5. It's a dilema. If Mike gets in the top three, he has the chance at the grand prize, and we don't want that. But if we kick him out, then he will most likely win the $100,000 prize between all the at home contestants! I don't want to see him win any money! Go Tara!

  6. So true, so true. But I'm willing to take that chance to ensure Ron doesn't get his way. From day one, his only goal was to get Mike to the finale. Really, it isn't fair. Mike has had his daddy to "take care" of everything.

  7. I wish that Filipe could go after them for all the crap they put him through when they were hiding his food. And then Ron and Helen should be disqualified. Go TARA!!!

  8. They hid his food?

    I voted for Ron. I don't walk Mike to win, and Ron won't win.


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