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Are you kidding me?!


Are you kidding me!!




I'm losing all faith in reality competitions.

Hell's Kitchen: Wha, wha, wha...WHAT! How did Danny win? I'm stumped. All I can figure is that Ramsey chose Danny to add some much lacking sophistication to the joint.

I was mad enough to decide I'm done with Hell's Kitchen. But then...well...I could never stay mad at Gordon.

A big thumbs down on that one, blondie.

Biggest Loser: I might have been able to find some joy in Helen's win had she not screwed her own daughter early on. What kind of mother would take that away from her kid!? SELFISH.

At least Ron and Mike didn't win anything. Oh. Except the not-being-at-Death's-door-anymore thing. But that can't buy mama a new pair of shoes.

American Idol: I refuse to believe it. I want my Gokey back. Between the leftovers, I don't care who wins.

I'm excited for the finale to come and go for one reason only...It rings in the n
ew season of So You Think You Can Dance.
(If you've never watched it,
WATCH! It's pretty narley.)

I'll have to hear who the winner is off the streets.

What a sad season for reality.


  1. I gave up on Hell's kitchen after last year. None of the contestants are ever even good. And I was SO MAD Tara didn't win biggest loser. Hello she totally dominated the whole show. And I decided Helen went home and starved herself to win. She would do anything to win. And come on. I LOVE Kris Allen. I was os sad to see Danny go, but ANYONE is better than Adam, and I have loved Kris since the top 36. What a Cutie Patootie! And amazingly talented.

  2. I agree. Helen had to have gone home and gone anorexic. She looked like death warmed over. Tara should have totally won. I was glad that Mike or Ron didn't win anything. I really wish Adam would have been the one to go this week. I know I will be abused by my girls for saying that, but he will have a great career no matter what! It's like one of the DJs here said, "I'm tired of hearing him scream everything." Yes he has talent, but it needs to be Danny or Kris. Kris is the only one out of those 3 who stood up there and did more than just sing. He played an instrument too.

  3. I was a little upset over Gockey. He was awesome. I was really happy for Helen. I kind of thought that she and her daughter thought mom's health was in worse shape, so that is why she stayed. My guess is she's going to get that daughter of hers i shape.

    I don't watch Hell's kitchen, so I can't comment on that one.

  4. I've decided that they are doing a "boy-girl" thing on Hell's Kitchen. First season-boy, 2nd-girl, 3rd-boy, 4th-girl and now on the 5th...BOY!! The stupidest person ever won!...I hate tv...

    or not...


    I was very happy the way things turned out on American Idol! If Adam would of lost i would have called American idol and complained and then i would wear black for a week.
    Danny's voice was too raspy for me I didn't really like it and Kris he is okay and Adam doesn't always scream in his songs.

    And i thought it was funny how a 63 year old man lost so much more weight in 2 weeks than all those other young people who were on the for so much more!

  6. I was so glad when Danny won! I didnt like paula,, she had NO personality, i kept forgetting she was even on the show, & I agree with Biggest Loser, Tara was only a few pounds away! Grr,, Helen winning was better them Mike or Ron anyday! .. and I miss Gokey too.. Geeze I watch to much TV.. do you watch grey's

  7. I am a big Grey's watcher. If I'm not home, I tvo it. I cried this week when it ended!!! I couldn't believe it!!! It took half way through the second half before I knew it was George!!!

  8. I agree on all bloody points. I was rooting for Paula. I was rooting for Tara. I was rooting for- well- It was neck and neck between Danny and Adam, but now that Gokey's out and the kept the plain- average looking- not special or unique in any way- other guy- I'm pissed and want Danny back.
    I have NEVER watched reality television until I spent the entire month of February at Amy's house and now that I have had my taste- I don't think I'll ever want to watch anymore... Except anything with Gordon. I LOVE GORDON!

  9. Oh, Bonnie...you know you miss those days.

    Don't tell what happens on Grey's! I still have to watch the last 4 episodes.

    And Adam does too scream everything! OVERKILL! I will be routing for Kris Snooze Allen.

  10. NO!! There are some soft soothing songs that he sings he just sings the high notes! Some people just don't appreciate good talent!

    HA! Take That! Sucka!

  11. Adam... yuck... screaming,weird tongue thing... yuck. I miss Gokey. Kris is boring, however, I thought he did awesome last week, so I will be rooting for him. I don't watch the other shows, so no comments there.

  12. Ok I totally agree with you on the the Hell's Kitchen thing. I sat here saying over and over to myself, Really? Really? Danny Really?
    And then I sat here saying Helen? Really? Really? Tara deserved to win. I don't believe in Reality TV anymore!

  13. I hate to dash everyones hope but there are so many things that are fixed on Biggest Loser. I don't for one second believe that Ron did that marathon. I have known a few people on that show and they help people out by giving them rides to cross the winners line.

  14. I believe it.

    And yeah...I've seen more of Adam's tongue than I ever wanted to.

  15. You guys, I got to talk with Betty Sue last tues. night. You know Ali's mom from the pink team from a couple season's ago. Ali was the winner from that season. She's from here in AZ.
    Anyway, she was telling me about all the CRAP that goes on behind the scenes. That Ron and Mike had everyone convinced that they were like Moffia. Mike was stealing and hiding Filipe's food etc. Naughty boys, that brown team! I'm so glad that neither of them won. The only reason I'm not totally pissed that Helen won is to show women like my age that it's never too late and I thought that Tara was awfully cocky.
    Plus Betty Sue said that Tara had gained weight just to go on the show. Naughty Tara!
    I wish one of the Polenesian Mesa Mormon boys would have won all that money... oh and I'm with you girls...I love Gordon!
    Have a great week!

  16. My question is: What if there was no prize money involved? Everyone that's ever on that show says "I'm only here to lose weight! I want to live!" But seriously...I really wonder how much pride is actually involved. Winning just for the sake of winning. I wonder if people would still be as horrible and manipulative and backstabbing.

  17. i can't believe that woman sent her own daughter home.... that was just NOT RIGHT.

    and i have never seen Hell's Kitchen :) unless... you are talking about MY kitchen when i realize that i am out of Butter and Flour!!!!!

  18. *sniff* i don't know if i can call you my friend anymore! ;) i really don't watch the other shows but american idol. but i can't believe you would say such things about my sweet darling kris!! :) he has been a favorite of mine since the start. i was a gokey person, but i feel that he wasn't as much of an original artist that kris and adam are. how can you think that kris is boring?! i suppose our tastes in music is that different. i *love* his smooth easy going, jazzy, bluesy thing. but then again i love that vibe...colbie calliat (sp is wrong i'm sure) sara barrelles, jack johnson, jasom mraz...ect. i will be so going out buying kris' album as soon as it;s out. i *love* his smooth clear melodic voice...and has quite the pleasant face to go along with it. :) troy has always joked about his "eye candy" on each season...but this is the first time i have had a little crush thing going. (it wasn't there untill i heard him sing) *grin*

  19. Kris won me over the night before, so I was happy he won.

    Stina, I love that kind of music too--the easy listening stuff...just not for American Idol. I want to be entertained and dazzled.

    I thought this was a pretty good finale...minus the bakini-clad women and Black-Eyed Peas. (What was with those weird people in the black and white costumes?!) I really liked the Queen number.

    I would love to transplant Fergie's legs onto my body.

    Who knew Jason Mraz was so cute?!

    Why does Gene Simmons still insist on showing the world his tongue every two seconds? Ew.

    And I just love that Keith Urban. Mmm mmm. But I don't think his shirt could have gotten any tighter.

    People are saying Adam got robbed...but ya know...if he was what America wanted, he would have been voted the winner. Not that he's going to be destitute. He'll have some operatic, weird, vibraty, album soon enough...and I'm sure people will buy it.

    I'm a little sad that I spent so many hours watching this show. And have nothing to show for it.

    Oh well.

    On to the next!

  20. I knew Jason Mraz was cute.

    I have a special name for Helen- "Hag"... That's all.


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