back again

For the first time since last year, I saw a big box of them last night at the store.

Pure excitement and the urge to pee burst through my veins. My taste buds broke into the "Hallelujah Chorus" and I could hear the scale back at home sigh with disappointment.

Steve was already checking out and I grabbed what I could with one hand and slowly sprinted to the cashier.

I panicked and only bought FIVE! Five?! What am I supposed to do with 5?!.

Just knowing they're so close, gives me the nervous excited feeling of going on a first date...how many will I get next time? Will I clean out an entire box in one shot or slowly diminish the supply? What should I wear?

I can't wait.

If you want one this Easter season, you better get one now...cuz I'm gonna buy up every one of them in these great Western United States.

The world is magical again.


  1. Ick...What is with you people and coconut? That stuff is SICK! That is what they feed you in hell when you have been really, REALLY Bad. Along with pickled beets and three bean salad. Now, nuts in chocolate...yess...that is perfect...

  2. I don't like dark chocolate OR coconut! give me milk chocolate with toffee and almonds in it and I'm a happy camper

  3. Three bean salad makes me gassy, and yet I love it so. It's especially delightful with a sprinkle of coconut.

  4. Everything makes you gassy, Dan.

  5. Amy, you're a girl after my own heart, not to mention that Grandma is the same way when she goes to Walgreens. Hits the Russell Stovers candies and gets to those eggs and she's a goner!!! Chocolate filling, maple filling especially, coconut filling, you name it.

    As for three bean salad and pickled beets, they are delicious and nutricious!!!

  6. I'd like to try one of those. My weakness are the cadbury eggs - the original. I need to stock up, but it's not on the healthy eating plan. Well, maybe just one.

  7. Lol, your funny, I have several easter weakness's but PEEPS are by far my favorite!! In alll colors! I love those little sugar shapes

  8. Easter candy...goooooooood...


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