I still have no idea what that song is about.
I would've liked to have been in the room during the brainstorming and writing of it...(Maybe that's what I would use the time machine for.)

I like Disney shows...the ones aimed at 13 year old girls.
I miss The Mickey Mouse Club...(I wonder what Chase is up to)...and Anne of Avonlea...and Double Dare...and Are You Afraid of the Dark...and The Wonderful World of Disney...and the little "breaks" when Walt, himself, would enlighten us with some pearl of wisdom.

I still watch The Brady Bunch.
And enjoy it.

I once fell off a horse.
And I never want to get back on.

I secretly wish we all dressed like we were in the 50's.
I outwardly wish I could give all thong wearers big fat wedgies. ("...Thong, thong, thong, thong, thong...")

With all the modern technology we have, why can't they make calorie-free Ding Dongs?
I think Nabisco and Betty Crocker are the great and powerful Ozes holding daggers to the food scientists, telling them to keep mum about the fact that they really have come up with the calorie-free Ding Dong...and Taco Bell...and Mrs. Fields.

I wish Peter, Paul, and Mary would go on tour again...

I wish they would play "The Marvelous Toy" song on the radio on a regular basis.
YouTube it...it will be the best 3 minutes and 11 seconds of your week.

I love mismatching.
But everything I own is blue.

I can't eat leftovers that are more than 24 hours old.
I'm sorry to the starving kids in Africa.

If I had been a pioneer, would I have survived the trek across the country?
And where did they find the time and place to procreate?

I really don't enjoy scrapbooking, persay.
I just really like the outcome...so I will do it.

I wonder how many books I would have read, if I actually read every book I checked out of the library or borrowed from someone.
I'm gonna round up to 2 million...this generation has quite possibly lost one of the greatest minds the world has seen...and all because I judge a book by it's cover.


  1. Just a few random thoughts?


    And am I the only one who finds Peter, Paul, and Mary utterly creepy?

  2. I love these random thoughts. Your brain is just all over the place. I agree with you on scrapbooking. And, I've often wondered about the pioneers....Even the one room cabin thing much less a tent or wagon...I don't know...I have a hard time if we share the same wall with the kids. We don't anymore!

  3. Hey, did you retitle your blog recently? I don't remember it being called thirty. Thirty, flirty and thriving. What would I be, Forty, finicky and freaky.

  4. So What is the toy? Do we know?

  5. we are so much alike, :) they have 100 calorie ding dongs :) They are yummy! I would love everyone to dress like we lived in the 50's.. then my hubby would have style! Are you afraid of the Dark!! I loved that show, just enough spookiness for me! :)


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