I'm painting Lily's room. I'm also painting the 3rd bedroom.

One will be purple. One will be yellows.

I don't want to paint every wall top to bottom in just one color and I don't want stripes.

My brain is tired of storming.

Can I borrow yours?

If you have any ideas, email them to me.

If I use your idea, you will get a prize!


  1. I have a friend at http://stoner-rollingwiththestones.blogspot.com She posted a picture of her daughter's room. It is pink and yellow. I envy her talent. On another note, what is that a picture of?

  2. Thanks...I'll go check it out.

    It's appeal to me was it's mystery.

  3. I SERIOUSLY hope that isn't Lily's room! LOL! You could do wainscoating. It is nice, and it is different. A little bit trendy. :D

  4. I like a garden look with butterflies, but that's just me. Is that seriously Lilies bedroom? That looks a little small.

  5. I wouldn't let Lily live in that room...there's no bed.


  6. you couldnt find a nice room that martha stewart decorated for the pic? SHe is pretty good that little jail bird :) I love Yellow!! I have heard 2 things about it, one study says its suppose to brighten your day, and one study says it does the opposite, and makes you depressed! :) people & studies are weird

  7. I totally didn't even think of looking at Martha Stewart! Weird. And I love yellow too...that's the color I'm painting the 3rd room.


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