away away

I spend way too much time blogging...

...reading blogs...

...looking for blogs...

...blog stalking...

...blog hopping...

I hate it!

I can't stop!

I have things to do!

A child to nurture!

Laundry to fold!

Cakes to bake!  (I don't know for who; I just always have this impending erge to bake a cake...)

It's madness!

It uses precious time!

I want to take walks...

...bask in the sun...(not really)

Read many books on spirituality and inner peace...

...books about foreign lands and long ago times...

...paint pictures of pretty scenes and still-life flowers...

...journal more often and figure out how the family history thing works...
I don't want to do this anymore!

I have more important things to do!

Leave me!

Leave me!

Leave me!


  1. It's an obsession a compulsion. I think we need to read about other people and see if we are normal. I don't know. (I will totally have fun on the 25th)

  2. LOL! What is that picture from, anyway? Looks compelling...

  3. good luck :) I have the same problem.. even at work I blog stock on my phone when I am bored. :)

  4. You aren't 30 yet! Not until April 29. Then I turn 29 a month later. I hate getting old. It stinks.

    Can I get your email address so I can invite you to see my blog? I told Jeremy that only the privileged get invites.

  5. The beauty of blogging is that you can find out what everybody in your life is doing, how they're feeling, what they're thinking, and what is currently important to them without having to go through the tedious effort of having a real conversation with them.

    It saves all kinds of time and money as well.

  6. Because of blogs I can cut out all social experiences of my life and I think we know how I appreciate that...;)

  7. I feel the same way. It's sick!

  8. Don't leave us... I'll disown you!

  9. I love blog stocking.,.... Its inspires me :) and makes me jealous! & thankful.... It is a hobby in itself


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