Things I Love Today

(I just ask Bonnie, "What do I love today, Bonnie?" She said, "Nothing."

I appreciate that. It's been another one of those days...sarcasm and anger reign supreme.

Still, there is some love in my heart...)

1. Lily and Steve and the rest of you.
2. texting...I like that I can have a whole conversation with someone from the bathroom and they would be none the wiser.
3. little children rhymes that everyone seems to know, no matter where you grew up or how old you are like, "There's a place in France where the naked ladies dance. There's a whole in the wall where the men can see it all. But the men don't care cuz they smoke their underwear."
4. sleeping in late.
5. getting to sleep late.
6. getting to sleep early.
7. the smell of Pinesol.
8. Bonnie's company these last few weeks.
9. homemade bread.
10. Celtic Thunder.
11. these cookies.
12. Ross the Intern.
13. pillows. lots of pillows. I love my bed. Sometimes I get in it and snuggle up with my pillows and my bed is so comfortable that I wanna make out with it.
14. almost crashing into the median-cables in Bridal Veil Falls while it was snowing and quickly being saved by Steve's ninja driving skills.
15. Gordon Ramsey.
17. DVR.
18. Talk Radio.
19. that Bonnie has so many nicknames: Bonnorrhea (my personal favorite and creation), Cookie Bonster, Shake your Bon Bon, Backseat Bonnie, Bon Jon Bovi, Bonsai, BonnieWay, Bonkers, and Bonzi ("Ehh")
20. acknowledging that it would probably be beneficial to see a therapist.
21. Zac Efron.
22. When Jeremy talks special..."That's so fierce."
23. Donny Osmond.
24. sandwiches.
25. tween Disney shows.
26. chiropractors.
27. the word "boof."
28. that everytime they say "Booth" on Bones, I think they're calling him "Boof."
29. when Mickey Mouse Club was on.
30. stickers.


  1. Despite the fact that we've heard the word boof since we were kids, you should look up what the word actually means. I think you'll be surprised.

    I know I was.

  2. I love your list, and you don't need to see a therapist. You are just like the rest of us.

  3. it was in provo canyon...and anyone who paid attention to the movie cars knows what to do when your car slides. you don't know? go watch it and see how to race in the dirt...

    That and my mad skills earned growing up where such skills can be tested without anyone seeing you and calling the cops. :)

  4. The first time in snow (the only time) was on my way back from Utah. It kind of hypnotizes you. Anyway, I ended up going 75 miles an hour without realizing it in a pretty good snow storm. I did pretty good when it came to sliding in the snow. Nothing I would care to repeat though. I don't like the hypnotizing feeling.

    Amy, I love your list. I love Ross the intern too.

  5. I HATE hate hate driving in snow. I don't even like being a passenger. It makes my eyes hurt going "warp speed." Ahh, but it's a necessary evil.

    Fog is worse.


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