Why is it that some days are just stupid?

I mean, what makes a person wake up and just decide that it's a crappy, crappy day?

If nothing's wrong, then what's wrong?

I just...wonder.

I publicly apologize to anything and anyone in the universe that has crossed my path this day...Believe me, even I wanted to run the other way.


  1. My husband would say, "It must be that time of the month." (No offense, but that is what makes it a crappy day for me.)

  2. I dare a man to say that to me.

  3. Amy....It must be your time of the month

  4. Maybe you are coming down with something...? A bad case of the crankies, maybe? Well, I know when I have crappy days it's best to just leave me alone until I start feeling bad about my behavior..and that's usually the next day. Chocolate usually helps.

  5. Since when does Amy need a reason to be cranky?

    Just sayin'.

  6. I think those are the days when a stay at home Mom needs her day off. Has everyone noticed that we don't get those? Everyone needs a break now and then and Moms are seriously short changed.

  7. Jeremy and Dan, a hex on both your houses...

    ...I wouldn't go licking any exotic frogs any time soon.


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