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When the term "she's glowing" was first coined as a way to describe a pregnant woman...I'm sure it was because of someone who looked just like I did.
The glow came because my body/face had stretched out in all directions to the point that it couldn't possibly stretch anymore, creating a perfectly taut surface for light to reflect off of.

Thus, the Glow.

Four Things About This Picture:

1. No, the picture isn't distorted or photo-shopped. I was actually that enormous. I was sure Lily was going to be a 15 pounder. Only 8.1 though. I had no excuse for the fat--except for the ice cream and watermelon...and chocolate milk...and pudding...and pizza...and Halloween candy.

2. If you ever wonder why I hate pregnancy probably more than any other human being...well, pictures are truly worth a thousand words--I'll start you off with three: Jabba the Hutt.Eerie, i'n it?

3. I drooled water on my shirt.

4. I was like a week away from exploding with this..Gosh, she was so freakin' cute, I almost can't stop looking.


  1. That's awesome! You do have a glow...all mommies have glows! Is glows a word? Anyway, you weren't that big. My sister gained went from 145 to 207 when she was pregnant with her first kid. WHOA!

  2. I think my brain skipped a cog there, but you get the idea...

  3. Hey, it was totally worth it because Lily really is so stinkin' cute! And you actually don't look THAT big. I thought you were about 7 (maybe 8) months until I read that you were nearly due. So there.

  4. You dont look that bad! I looked much worse! My belly was a giant BOOB! my belly button was even popped out all the way and I was 4 weeks early. Lily was so beautiful! Now she is definition of the word! "Cute"! You are very blessed!

  5. Oh stop it! You just look pregnant. Everyone is always harder on themselves. Lily was worth it, she was such a beautiful baby.

  6. I think you look nice and "even"... I just look like I shoved a beach ball under my shirt. And I'm really going to have to argue the point that you hate being pregnant the most, I'm pretty sure I've got you beat on that one!

  7. Hehe...you girls are funny...and LIARS!

    I look wretched. I would have loved to have the cute "beach ball look" that everyone else seems to get. Who wants to be evenly fat all the way around!?!

    Oh well. It's no matter now.

    And Dara, I will forever be grateful from this moment onward that I didn't gain quite as much as your sister. Poor thing.


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