Here's where we got our tree. Surprising a Christmas tree could actually come from here, huh?
My cute baby.
"Daddy!? Let me shoot!"
And the winner is...
Taking a break from the cold...eating trail mix. I love trail mix. I love anything with trail mix in it...cereal, cookies, muffins. I especially love my blend: equal parts cranberries/cherries, raisins, almonds, cashews/walnuts/, and a dash of sunflower seeds and M&Ms. Very good.
Here it is up...Lily helping...The finished tree. I kept it pretty simple this year.
Although, a week later I decided I wanted to string popcorn to garland with. Let me tell ya, it sounds much easier than it actually was. I could only get through two strings...and it took two episodes of Gilmore Girls. Still, I think they add a certain something and they smell pretty good.I took the pinecones that fell off the tree and did this...The End.


  1. Your christmas tree is shaped like me :) LOL, well pretty much, I Love lily's hat :) She is such a cutie pie! The popcorn string does add allot, I have never done one before maybe next year :) I Love the pinecone idea! Your such a smarty

  2. Just be prepared to wrap your fingers in tape before you do any stringing. Then you won't have sore fingertips afterward.


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