Dr. Me

If you have a cold with a cough, take this:

I gave it to Lily cuz she had a cough that was waking her up for several nights. After she took it...silence. Bye-bye cough. I got sleep, cuz she got sleep. And that is the worst part about having a sick kid. Wish I had given it to her sooner. The money is worth it!

If you have the flu, take this:

Within 10 minutes, my body aches and nausea went away. Again, wish I had gotten some the day before. It's AWESOME! And it only taste a little vile...with a lemon-lime twist.


  1. I Like Zycam.. Its my friend, and my colds only last a few days :) woohoo.I'm sorry your sick-O :(

  2. Thanks...I was only sick Saturday night and yesterday. But the Alka-Seltzer did the trick. Whatever I had is passed and gone.

  3. Prefer the Original flavor to the Lemon Lime myself. The lemon lime just kind of ruins the taste of 7 up for me.

  4. That's why I like it. I can pretend I'm downing some 7-Up instead of medicine.

  5. I'm glad the Delsym worked for Lily. There's is nothing worse than hearing your kid cough all night!


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