Thanksgiving Menu Tag

I like this tag. Anything that lets me talk about food.

1. Who’s coming for dinner?


2. What is your favorite part of Thanksgiving dinner?

The rolls! Big ones, small ones, fresh ones, day old ones, ones with butter, ones without, cold ones, warm ones, white ones, wheat ones...

...Mom's gravy comes in a close second...

...pumpkin pie ties with Mom's gravy.

3. What’s your least favorite part?

Strangely enough...the turkey.

I like turkey well enough, (especially with Mom's gravy on it), I just like other things more.

4. Are you a stickler for tradition or do you like to mix it up every year?

If it ain't broke, don't fix it. You don't mess with the classics. (JEREMY...potato salad?...really? Weirdo.) Without turkey, mashed potatoes, and stuffing...you don't have Thanksgiving.

5. How many Thanksgiving dinners have you cooked?

Myself, one.

Just in general, as one of many in the kitchen on any given year...over a dozen.

6. Who’s cooking this year?

Who ever wants to eat.

7. What are you having for dinner?

-The classics made the classic way.

-If Jeremy gets his way: potato salad.

-If I get my way, there will be hummus...and a cheese ball. Ahhhh....I do love a good cheese ball.

You're tagged.


  1. As long as there are mashed potatoes and ROLLS!!! I am good. I don't eat most of the other stuff. But I am quite content with my taters and rolls.

  2. Well, their definately won't be as many people here as last year. I've cooked for almost 25 years (Alan always cooks the turkey though I cook the rest). But yes, I have to have all the traditional stuff. One of these days we will have a big DUNLAP Thanksgiving.

  3. Aunt Me, just move to Utah and that dream of a DUNLAP turkey day will happen ;)

  4. I couldn't agree more steve!!!!!

  5. Find Alan a job, then convince my married kids to move up there.

  6. Rolls are the best! And mashed potatoes/gravy. I made a cheeseball. I would of shared it with you!

  7. That was actually me-Heather! In case you were wondering why Destry was commenting on your blog :)

  8. I made a cheeseball too! I love those things. Nothing is better than a cheeseball. You should give me your recipe.


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