Today I'm looking online for something I'd never thought I'd be looking for. Suspenders for Lily.

Why they aren't more readily available in regular stores, I'll never know. I mean, if any type of person needs suspenders...it's a toddler. Big gut, tiny hips. And since she's potty-trained, there goes the diaper--the only pants support she really had going for her.

And so, in my search for suspenders, here's what I learned, (whether or not I actually cared):

Did you know there are suspender stores?! Stores fully dedicated to the suspender...and nothing else!

I don't care if the description says "For Boys"...please don't ever put brown polka dot suspenders on your son.

And did you know that toddler suspenders are a novelty here in the U.S., but in Japan, you can get them on the street corner? (It's all that sushi.)

Anyone can look like a bad-A wearing suspenders...as long as there's a firearm tucked neatly into them.

Can you believe there are over 190 styles and colors a suspender can be?! Wow. I know I'm blown away.

If you're a model, and you're wearing suspenders...I cannot take you seriously.

There is such a thing as "upscale suspenders."

If you really feel inclined...You can get horse-hair suspenders for mere $185!

In general, manufacturers think only little boys can rock a suspender.

One website described their suspenders as "classy" and "sassy." Really? I mean...really?

Lastly, toddler suspenders are way over-priced...but they beat the heck out of sewing a pleat in the backs of all of Lily's pants.

More than you ever wanted to know about suspenders? Me too.

I dedicate this post to Grampa Dunlap and his yellow suspenders.


  1. That's awesome! Suspenders...I had a pair of those back in the day. That was when I thought I looked so cool with my black and purple flowered pants and pink and white striped shirt....I will have to post a picture of that some day on my blog...*shudders*

  2. The first thing I thought about when you said suspenders was grandpa and his yard stick suspenders. He used to say that he wore those to make sure he measured up for grandma. He also had a pair of musical suspenders.

    Boy I miss him.

  3. That wasn't Becca with that last comment.... That was me again.

  4. Hey, that 'model' is Captain Jack from one of my favorite tv shows ever: Doctor Who! For a second there, I was about to be waaaay more impressed by you than I already am. Still, I must applaud your finding a picture of him, even if it is for mocking purposes.

    Also, Collin desperately wants suspenders, so that's what he's getting for Christmas. Any suggestions as to what kind of suspenders I should get him (i.e. what won't make him look like a complete dork)? i should probably get a matching bow tie while I'm at it...

  5. Wow, so much I didn't know about suspenders! What has saved my life with my kids are adjustable waistbands. Does she have any pants with those in them?

  6. Ahhh.grandpa and his yellow suspenders...good times

  7. Oh yeah, she has lots of pants with the adjustable waistband. Problem is, her gut is so very gutty that the pants ride down underneath...thus, exposing her rear-end or falling to her knees. I've tried belts, too. Same results. So, suspenders are the only option.

    And Max...now how do you know I didn't go looking for a picture of Captain Jack JUST for you? And I don't think it's possible to get suspenders that won't look dorky. However, It's all in the attitude. If Collin thinks he's the poo while wearing them, he could pull any off.

    I miss Grampa too.

  8. They are overpriced! even on ebay! I tried to find them for Riley's costume, nearly impossible. But they sure are cute on kids


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