Happy Birthday Dan!!!

...Two days late...Sorry. You still love me.

You can see 40 from here, can't ya. Heh heh.


This is what you get for not letting people take your picture :)


  1. That's awesome!

    When on earth were those pictures taken? I don't remember them at all.

    Oh, yeah, to everybody who tried to call me on my birthday, sorry I didn't answer the phone. I was working and couldn't answer the phone. Thank you.

  2. Likely story.

    The first one was taken in South Fork Park...back in Provo Canyon...I don't remember why we were there.

  3. lo,, I love that pic with him and lily! :) They have the same face its so cute

  4. Oh, yeah, I remember that day. We were there for a birthday party. Was it Brandon's?

    I remember that day in particular because I threw my shoulder out throwing a frisbee. It didn't get better for a year and a half, and it still gives me trouble on occasion.

    Casey, the sad part is, Lily is afraid of me now like I'm the freakin' boogeyman.

    The last time she and Amy were down here, she hid from me the whole week, and if she couldn't go somewhere to hide from me, she'd cover her face with her arm so she couldn't see me.

    So sad, but then again, Melani's kids do the same thing with me.

    What am I, a monster?

  5. If it makes you feel better...she pretends to call you on the phone all the time. Half the time she gets it right...the other half she calls you "Dam."

  6. That does make me feel better, actually.


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