Christian Nielsen

I'm sure some of you have heard about Christian Nielsen's plane crash by now. (My fellow Mesa Highnians, you no doubt remember him.) I only heard about it yesterday, (apparently, I live in a hole), ...and then again today. It's really horrible. His inlaws were on the Today show this morning talking about how Christian and his wife are doing.

If you are a mom...you NEED to go spend some time reading Christian's wife's blog--if you haven't already heard about it. It's an awesome blog and will make you reassess how much effort you put into your lives.


Her sister has an address you can send cards to so they can "decorate the patients rooms with."

c/o c jane
2250 N. University Parkway #4876
Provo, Utah


  1. Um I apparently live in a hole too as I only heard about this yesterday too! So sad. His wife's blog is adorable. I'm amazed at how much press their situation is getting. I have friends in Baltimore and here that have mentioned things it.

  2. It is kinda out of the ordinary...it's this whole blogging thing. When they talk about it on the news, they are always focused on Stephenie's blog.

  3. I love reading her blog, I won one of the auctions! Salsa Dancing lessons! Can you imagine me and mike attempting that! It should be fun though. I am simply amazing on how many people are involved in the process!


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