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I've been on the computer for about an hour and half now, looking for a variety of different things...and then the thought occurs to me...Lily has been sitting on that stool, eating her pb&j from lunch for all that time. She seems to be content and isn't showing an interest to get off the stool. So I wonder, how long should I let her sit there?

This sort of thing happens a lot. I'll get lost doing something and forget that I have an almost 3 year old that could probable use some sort of stimulation. (Isn't that what Dora and Superwhy is for? My child already knows more Spanish than I do.) It's okay, right?

Will Lily ever look back, with her head hanging, thinking of the times I ignored her to zone out on cyberspace? I hope not. I hope she'll forget about 'em...like how she forgets about the times I snap at her for doing something that is irritatingly normal, like spilling drink after drink all over the floor. The floor needed mopped anyway, right? So what's my beef?!

So, we're nearing the end of this post, and yes...she's still sitting at the counter. Do you think she's afraid to step on all those crumbs on the floor? Okay. I'm going to do it. I'm going to get up and become a human being again.


  1. Yeah. I hope my kids forget too. "What..?! What do you want?? Read you a book? Hang on...I am trying to finish typing my blog..." Sigh...

  2. Totally agree. Although my little one isn't quite as easily entertained for long periods of time yet, so I usually rouse from my reveries after about 5 minutes to the sound "DADADADADADADA!!!!"

  3. LOL, When I zone out on the computer for hours and Riley wants my attention he starts talking when I dont answer he grabs my face between his litte hands and says "mamma wake up!" over and over until I respond! like he just did 30 secs ago.


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