Olympic Haze

I am an addict.

My drug of choice...the 2008 Olympics.

Did you people see the opening ceremonies?! If you didn't, you missed out. I'm still awe struck by some of the things they did. It was a perfect prelude to the Games. (Although, at times, I felt as if I was being brainwashed by some ancient power via the chanting and mysteriously soothing tones of the ghostly aria.)

I just can't get enough. I've already blotted out these next few weeks of normal activity so I can dedicate my attention to smoggy Beijing and the likes of Micheal Phelps and Kelly Kretschman.

I record as much of the Games as I can...while I'm sleeping, while I'm awake. Hours upon hours. And then I watch 'em all day until I run out of coverage. This is, of course, the only way to watch them. That way I can fast forward through all the blah-blah commentary and some of the more boring games...

Luckily, fencing got out of the way at the very beginning. (Kudos to the USA for sweeping the medals!) And as far as I can tell, the cycling is over--how long can a person sit and watch people riding bikes!? Show me the beginning, maybe a snip-it or two of the middle (like if someone wipes out, like the one chick did), and the finish...and call it a day Bob! I just have to say that I'm thankful, and grateful, and even feel a little blessed that golf is not a sport they think is fitting for the Summer Olympics. Of course, the walking portion of the Olympics is yet to come, (yes, it really is on The Schedule for people to race while walking)...I'm strangely curious about this one and will be watching, for a few seconds anyway, to see how riveting it could possibly be.

I find the empty spaces of my thoughts filled with the Olympic theme. And it gets me pumped! What if we all heard this theme blasted through the gargantuan speakers of life? We would accomplish the greatest things! What if it was the first thing we heard as we got out of bed?? Think of the diseases we would cure and the evil we would conquer!

Oh, I am a happy, happy, Olympic fool.


  1. What a nerd!

    Seriously, I haven't watched a ton of Olympic coverage, but I'm already getting sick of it.

    I wished I'd seen the fencing part. And even though the boxing is sissified , it is still so much more exciting than the hours and hours of swimming footage they've been showing lately. I mean really, aside from a few minutes of footage showing Phelps winning, watching swimming for hours is like watching biking for hours. BOOOORRRRRIIIINNNNNNGGGG!

    What happened to the track and field? Or the elephant polo? Or the sychronized sheep tackling? Or how about the naked rodeo? Anything?

    No, instead we get hours and hours and hours and hours of masculine women and hairless men wearing the same girl's swimming suits doing laps in shower caps all night long.

    I can't take it anymore.

  2. what!?? Its the olympics? Really. I dont watch it, where is that choice on your "poll" I am to addicted to my silly books now, & big brother :( I have to split my 2 hours of free time equally between both :)

  3. what!?? Its the olympics? Really. I dont watch it, where is that choice on your "poll" I am to addicted to my silly books now, & big brother :( I have to split my 2 hours of free time equally between both :)

  4. Dan, you just come over to "watch the Olympics" so you can read my Twilight seriers.

  5. You people have no sense of competition and national spirit :P

    Dan, you know what they say...those who fight the hardest are in the greatest denial.

    Oh, and you're killin' my buzz.

    However, the reasons you mentioned are why the only way to watch the Olympics is via the DVR. It's the only way I can get through 10 hours a day...basically cuts it down to 2 or 3.

    The women's swimming holds no joy for me whatsoever. And I only watch men's swimming if an American is involved. Even then, I can use my magical-mystical remote to watch it in fast forward. Although, for the most part, I watch Michael Phelps in all his swimming glory. He is the exception.

    And what is wrong with you? Have you ever watched fencing!?! The most exciting display of fencing that I've ever seen is the scene in Parent Trap (Lindsay Lohan version) where the two go at it. Otherwise. Forget the Excedrin PM...turn on the fencing!

    And boxing is on every night on CNBC...in the middle of the night after my beloved softball.

    Track has started up.

    As for the elephant polo or naked rodeo...interesting. I'll let you know if I come across it.

  6. Yay!

    For the most part, the Swimming is over. Now my sanity may return.

    I'll watch the track and field. I'm waiting to see someone get skewered with a javelin.

    What's that you say? I'm bloodthirsty? Slander!

    Whatever, you know you watch the javelin throw for the bloodshed and the bike races for the crashes and the gymnastics for the possibility of someone doing a faceplant. Don't try to deny it. ;)

    I know better.

  7. Sooooo....you are saying you want to watch naked rodeo...gross!

  8. I never said in would be guys doing it, did I?

  9. I can't imagine a scenario where ANYONE should be in a naked rodeo.

  10. And I'm very sad swimming is over.


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