Lily Time

My dainty, little linebacker...
If you've never tried fingerpainting with your kids, give it a whirl. Crayola has the best paint...it actually comes out of clothes completely! So, even obsessive people, like me, can relax if it gets all over the place.

She's going to be the next Mozart. No really, she likes to draw music notes...
I really like this kid...

I found this huge puzzle at the gift shop at the hospital. Yeah, when you live in a small town, you look for any and all places to shop.
She's a puzzle genius...

Zsa Zsa GaLily...

(This is the first of three post I wrote today. I'm a little behind...)


  1. Lily is a cutie pie! It looks like she's had a fun summer.

    I'm feeling like a huge loser Mom right now. Fingerpaint, play dough, art easels, puzzles..need I go on?

  2. Good in motion line backer Pic!! :) I am impressed, Riley saw the pic of her eating choco batter, and he said "yum Cake" Thats nuts that she can draw music Notes! That is Awesome! :) Heather, I had the same thought, We dont have any of those things! Except puzzles but all the pieces are missing becaue Riley just isnt the puzzle kind.

  3. I showed Grandma Cook the pics. She loved them, although she wants hard copies of as many pics as she can get her hands on.

  4. Is there any place to put new pictures in her house?! I guess you could use the floor.

    Amy, you just do finger painting with Lily cause you really wanted to do it yourself and didn't want Steve to walk in and see you on the floor covered in paint!

  5. She is so cute!! I am needing fun things to do with Easton now that Jayden is in school all day!

  6. Heather, WHATEVER! One needs to only read your blog to feel like a loser-slacker Mom. You guys go everywhere! I'm lucky if we leave the house once a week.

    Casey, that's funny. Riley's a cute kid.

    Dan, tell her I'm planning on getting around to getting real pictures soon.

    Jeremy, didn't they make Gramma take down most of the pictures off her wall. I can't picture her walls barren. The thought makes me sad...

    ...and, I have no shame. Steve already thinks I'm a big dork for various reasons, so why fight it.

    Heather, thanks.

    Erika, thanks.


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