I'm Alive...

...just recovering. Owy.

The day before:

The day after:

I'm pretty.

I had some nose work done...All is well...No big deal...I lived...the worse part was the I.V. and waking up...

...Loritab are the Devil's droppings...Excedrin are little drops of heaven...

...I long for the days of sleeping on my back...Blood taste real bad...

...I'm anxious for the day I can suck in that first blast of uninterrupted air...

...I'm tired now...


  1. Congratulations!! It's so nice to breath! I'm glad all went well, I know you were nervous. Oh I LOVE Loritab!!

  2. Sound like fun. I can't tell a difference between noses, though. I don't think the doctor really did anything.

    You look very pale.

  3. Yeah sis. The before picture was like...I'm so happy to get this done!

    The after picture was like...I hate that I had this done!


  4. Haha! That's funny. That's how I felt...only I was also not happy about having it done in the first picture too. Give me a week and the joy will sink in when the oxygen does.

    Dan, pale is my normal skin color...translucently so. And if you would like, I could take a picture of up my nose and show you what the doctor did. It isn't pretty up there right now...but...

  5. I feel a little confused. What did you have done? It looks miserable..so sorry. What the heck is Loritab?

  6. The doc straighten the inside of my nose (one nasal passage was so narrow it was basically non-existent) and took out my overgrown adenoids...like I said, nothing major, but enough to wipe me out.

    Loritab is a drug. Heavy, awful, wiggy drugs.

  7. Oh no :( you look so sore!, but I bet it will make a huge differernce!! Good luck! I hope you heal super fast!! HUGS!!!!!

  8. So the question is, with all that extra space inside your snot locker, does your voice sound any different?

    The other question that begs to be asked is, can you do this now?


  9. I had no idea you were doing this!! I hope recovery is fast!!

  10. Thanks for the well-wishes.

    I'm guessing I won't sound like I have allergies all the time anymore. I'm guessing. I'm hoping...cuz I was getting sick of people always asking me if I was sick.

    (The link won't work, Dan.)

  11. Apparently you have to enter the image address one line at a time into the address bar.

    Stupid Blogger HTML.

  12. I've been annoyed at it several times.

  13. you know, first time i read this post i was insanely jealous!! ahh to have a nose job....i really hate my nose. i know that is not really exactly what you had done, but still....i would never have the guts to just go and do one, and don't have a medical excuse...the schnoz is too big to have breathing difficultes LOL! so all i have to hope for is a horrible accident that completely shatters my nose so it HAS to be rebuilt.

    okay, okay, i am not hoping for such accident and i really don't abhor my nose that much...but if said accident did indeed happen i would jump on the chance!

    i'm so sorry amy, you do look very miserable! we actually just watched a thing on surgeries last night...mostly plastic, but still. all i can say is UGG! it's a good thing all you had done was minor. for a full on rhinoplasty they say it takes 12-18 months for a full recovery! and the after surgery pics...lets just say i'd keep my nose!

    isn't loritab supposed to be simmilar to vicodin?? i HATE vicodin! i'd take pain over that anyday! i hope you feel better soon...yay for breathing!!

  14. I don't know...I've never had Vicodin. The only really heavy stuff I love is Morphin.

    ...but who doesn't.


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