Basic Training

A couple Mondays ago, I decided it was time. Lily would be potty -trained. I planned on staying home the whole week and focusing just on that. It worked. The kid did it. She's awesome!

I covered the floor with plastic (yes, like you would for a puppy), put thick blankets on the couch, and stripped off the diaper. She's always been pretty resistant to the whole idea, but without a diaper on, she had no choice. I kept long shirts/skirts on her for the first few days so she wouldn't be completely exposed, but it would still be easy for her to tell if she was peeing on herself.

She only had a few accidents on the floor the first few days, but caught on really quickly. We only put a Pull-up on her at night, but she wouldn't pee in them...so we got one of those plastic sheets for her bed and just kept the underwear on her at night.

It was a lot easier than I thought. I just had to decide that it was going to happen and Lily took the lead. I'm stinkin' proud of her.

We bought her a couple packs of "big girl undies" and she decided to try them all on...at ONCE. Keep in mind, there are 16 pair here. What talent.

This was a great idea I got from a friend...a "Potty-pillar." Every time Lily goes in the toilet, she gets to add a circle "sticker" to her caterpillar. It's worked really well. Now that she has the peeing-in-the-toilet thing down, we're going to only let her put one up when she goes on the "big toilet."

Other things that have really helped if you're getting ready to potty-train a kid...

I let her flush--she gets really excited. I also got her some foamy soap that's really easy for her to pump herself. And praise up the wazoo. I don't think you can praise a kid too much when it's potty-training time. Lily eats it up like crazy. Also keeping in mind, in the beginning especially, that accidents ARE going to happen and just to be patient...don't yell or get angry...just clean it up and remember that it IS a little child you're dealing with and they aren't just born with the knowledge and reflexes you wish they had.

So long nappies!


  1. Yay Lily!!! That is such an accomplishment!! And YAY to you too... it's not an easy job :) I love the caterpillar idea thingy!!

  2. You both rock! It's so true that you as a parent have to be mentally ready and its not too bad.

    I tried with Brooklynn this morning because I was stuck here without a car and thought, why not? Well I just wasn't in the mood, didn't really have a game plan and we left our little potty in Nashville. I had to lift her onto the toilet every 5 seconds and I was so impatient. I quit for today.

    I absolutely love the caterpiller idea and will have to steal it when I try with Brooklynn again if you don't mind!

    Lily is a cutie! Keep up the good work!

  3. I have nothing to say about this post.

    There are jokes there, I know. But I just can't put my finger on one.

  4. wahhooo!! what a big girl! congrats to you both! that is quite a feat for both of you!! i'm gonna have to use the 'potty pillar' with samantha when that time comes.

    she is such a cutie!

  5. Thanks. The caterpillar thing has worked for quite a few kids, from what I hear.

    Heather, you should run over to IKEA. They have these really basic small "potty chairs" for around $4. They aren't cushy like a more expensive one, but you could always stick a rolled towel on the seat part.

    And you are SO right. I think the parent has to be more ready than the kid! It's not UNTIL I discovered that, that we were able to get it done.

  6. And Dan, aren't uncles supposed to send their nieces cash when they have an awesome victory in life?

    ...In the great words of Sally Brown, "Make it easy on yourself...How about tens and twenties."

    (Is that her last name? Cuz they never really say if "Brown" is actually Charlie's last name, or if it's just part of his first name, like "Billy Bob"...?)

  7. Hooray! Congrats on the potty training! I both look forward to and fear the day for Isaac...

  8. Umm, cash? What's this strange and foreign word you use? I don't believe I'm familiar with the term.

  9. FYI, if you want to use the caterpillar idea for a boy, you could change it too a Choo-choo train...the head can be the engine and then just add little rectangles.

  10. I found you! Potty training is universally horrible. Blah...They should set up a pasture for little kids to run around a pee in for two weeks and then we can pick them up when they are potty trained.
    Dara :)

  11. Hurray...I'm glad you came!

    And that is an awesome idea.

  12. I am soo scared to potty train Riley.. He wont pee in the potty, but he will sit there for awhile. The caterpillar & train is an awesome idea!! :) I will have to try that too!.. I love the plastic and blanket idea, I will be using those here soon! I applaud your efforts and hope I can be as successful!

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