A Day Late and An Idol Short

Can I just say I love the invention of the DVR (TiVo). I imagine that it was made specifically for American Idol...it just happens that it has also come in handy for every other friggin' show on the planet. What's with these 10 minute long commercial breaks!? But back to my point. I think if they were to just show shows like American Idol (Biggest Loser, So You Think You Can Dance, etc.) without the long, drawn-out "suspense," they would only last about 7 minutes. Which would really be okay with me. I wouldn't waste all that time on the schmutz and the unnecessary.

So. The A.I. finale. I'm happy with the ending. I wanted Cook to win. So I'm glad he did. I was actually pretty surprised he did though...mostly because of Tuesday night and Simon bashing him and praising Archuletta so much. Personally, I wasn't that thrilled with either one of their performances. I was fully expecting Cook to rock out with some really cool stuff. I agree with Simon...Cook should have sung "Hello" again. That was THE best song he did all season. What was with the boring ballad crap? I did like the 2nd song he sang though. It was fun. And the only song I like that Archuletta sang was "Imagine." That's just a good song though. The others were snooze worthy.

On the evening news that night, they showed some girls in SLC at the Energy Solutions Arena where they had the viewing party. The girls were sobbing and acting like total morons cuz Archuletta lost. Get a life! He didn't die! And even if he did, you didn't know him. One girl said, "Yeah, I told David to try out for American Idol when were in the 6th grade." Oh please. No you didn't. You don't know him. Stupid.

It really didn't matter who won the title. They're both awesome singers and I doubt they'll be out on the streets begging for toppins any time soon. I still stick with my original statement that David Archuletta would be eaten alive in the biz and I think he'd do really well in the LDS market. And David Cook...I would REALLY like it if he would do me this favor...take every one of the lame 80's songs that I dislike (which would be a LOT of them) and turn them into something listenable...like he did with "Hello." Now THAT was one irritating songs till he got his hands on it.

P.S. What was with the dorky boxing theme on Tuesday?

I'm sad it's over though. But now I have So You Think You Can Dance to comfort me. If you've never watched it...try it...it's really fun. It's better than Dancing With The Stars.

The End.


  1. I only watched "Idol" once and I did like Cook... I'm not offended that he won. I loved having a DVR, but now I just tape my shows and fast forward the old fashioned way! Not as good, but still works!

  2. Mike was sooo happy that Cook won! He was his fav, and the first time his favorite won! I hope next year is better! Less....(theme) shows untill its a whole decade, I want to see the people sing more songs they love! & the styles they might record later on!

  3. I have a challenge for you! If you are up for it! I notice that we all take tons of pics of our kids! Now its time to take some pics of you!! :) So Take a few hours to lock the kid up, and take some pics! glamour-glitz-natural-sexy-fun-spirited.. Amy pics! I am giving this challenge to all the moms. Its Time we take time for ourselves. I missed out on having allot of pictures of my mom at all the stages of her life, & someday when I have a daughter I want my kids to have those pics :) So go for it! Post a few of the ones you love!

  4. What, pictures of me? Unheard of!

    I agree...the theme shows can be annoying, especially since no one is gonna record an album (do we still call them albums?) of songs from Andrew Lloyd Weber, (even if he is a genius).

  5. Andew Lloyd weber is awesome! But.. can you picture turning on the radio hearing one of his songs?! that would be weird... & Yes pictures of you! :) Come'on it will be fun!


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