Dry Spell

If anyone has anything exciting for me to talk about...let me know.

I have writer's block until further notice.


  1. You can always try out a new recipe to post. Speaking of which, you need to try Maxine's Lentil Soup recipe. It's so good! Or you could just talk about Lily's activities!

  2. Flashback Friday is always fun...or Flashback Wednesday works too :) You pick the day! I need to hear about you and Steve meeting, the proposal, Lily's birth..etc. etc.

  3. Discuss the deeper meaning of toast in a paper shredder.

    Or explain how it is that in movies and TV at least one of a pair of identical twins is born evil.

    Muse cleverly about the possibility of a Catholic priest floating under a cluster of helium balloons over the Atlantic ocean actually making it out alive, and wonder fleetingly about the Greek philosophical mythos that compelled the man to reach for the sun and thus sacrifice himself to the Collective Unconscious and become the human Archetype of the Falling Man.

    Clearly define just what it is that makes all middle-aged women love Kevin Costner so much.

    Ideally though, you would talk about how you plagiarized a lost Richard Simmons manuscript, figured out the real meaning behind The Millennium Papers, and are in fact the anonymous small-print distributor of the underground weight loss manual The Secrets Of The Elvis Invisibility Diet that is currently all the rage among bulimic Hollywood starlets in Venice, California. You know?

    Spill, woman!

  4. I always find that the weather is a fascinating topic when all others fail. Sunshine - ooh, riveting!

  5. Thanks for the suggestions. I'll post again soon. Probably.

    Dan, I'm going to have to take your comment apart piece by piece so I can understand all aspects of it...it may take a while.

  6. Crafts, things you are loving right now, Lily :) Funny things she does, idol, the biggest loser!! IS A GIRL!~~ not the one I wanted but still. The weather? anything the possibilites are endless.

  7. Yeah, I didn't want THAT girl to win. She was a butt. Plus, she looked like the Grinch.


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