Jimmy John...I Love You!

Don't worry...Steve loves him too.

If you've never heard of or been to a Jimmy Johns...your life is incomplete. They make "gourmet sandwiches." Really, they're just very delicious subs and sandwiches, but they are THE freakin' best I've ever had in my life. The things they can do to a sandwich are unhumanly...Rare...Lovely...Unmatched in all the world. (All blasphemy aside...The 13th Article of Faith truly applies!) Once you've eaten at Jimmy Johns, Subway and all others will taste like pure rubbish! I can't even describe how much better they are. I even switched Mayo (to Hellman's, aka, Best Foods) a while back so my at-home sandwiches could taste even a little like J.J.'s. The atmosphere is really fun too. They have really funny signs of all kinds. It's just a good time.

The first time I ate there was with Steve when we were first dating. For a very brief moment in time, there was a J.J.'s across the street from BYU. And then, without warning, it was gone. I think they turned it into a Dairy Queen. (That's a whole other rant about how there aren't enough DQ's in UT!) Nevertheless, it was still sad.

A few months later, we found a J.J's in St. George on our honeymoon--6 hours away. Ahhhh. It quenched the thirst, but only for a short time.

Last year, we had Steve's mom pick us up a couple sandwiches while she was visiting St. George. Over 6 hours later, we finally got them. Even that old...STILL kicked all others' butts.

Fast forward to now...

Two J.J.'s have opened up on the Wasatch Front!!!! Alleluia and Glory Be! We went there a few weeks ago and it was just like heaven.

You all have them somewhere around you. There's one in Tucson, Nashville, Hendersonville, a gillion in Austin and one in Round Rock, and one in Murray and Lehi, UT. It's worth the drive!


  1. so there isn't one still in st george??

    btw amy...still no official concreted plans for this next weekend (holy crap! already??!) but we are driving up to page thursday night and friday heading up. i need to talk to troy about friday. if we want to stop by or meet some where on friday...or saturday. i just know we are gonna be visiting my bro in provo probably saturday. poor guy is not going through the best times.

    anyway i'll see if i can possibly get a difinitive answer as to what he is thinking...seeing as he'll be doing the driving :) but hopefully tonight...seeing as he is going on a campout and not getting back home till dinnertime tomorrow

  2. Oh, there's still TWO in St. George.

    Figure out your plans woman!

  3. You were making my mouth water!!! There really is one in Nashville? I have never seen it, but I certainly haven't been everywhere here. I will look it up and try to go soon! Love the signs, especially the baggy pants one!! LOL.

  4. 2318 West End Avenue
    Tel: 615-341-0036

    Wherever that is, Heather.

  5. That's right by Vanderbilt. Destry said a lot of his classmates really like it! We're for sure going next week.

  6. Those signs are sooo funny! It's nice to see a company that isnt so worried about hurting someone's feeling :) They sound sooooo good!!!


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