(If you don't watch Biggest Loser or American Idol...this post is not for you.)

First let me say, I don't watch most reality shows. If there's a chance that So-And-So is going to "get with" What's-Her-Face...chances are, I'm not that interested. (The Hills on MTV is the only exception. I know. I can't help myself.)

I think I get WAY into some shows. I mean, the outcomes affect my life in no way. I don't get money out of it. I don't get fame out of it. And yet...I can't help but yell at the screen when things don't go my way. I literally have a physiological reaction! My blood pressure raises and I feel like I've been personally offended. I don't know these people! I don't reap the benefits of their humiliation and victories. And still, I feel like it actually matters to me and it should go my way--like the Choose Your Own Adventure books.
Take Biggest Loser, for example...I did a little happy jig when Kim, the trainer, didn't come back. I wish they would ax that Alison Sweeny girl. She's a horrible host and I can't stand her fake concern and the way she pauses when she talks...go back to the soaps! I was shocked when Brittany left last week. I have a personal hatred for some of the boys...most/all of the boys--even Bob is on my mud list for being in cahoots with the boys. "Yay, let's get tattoos and be lame and cry and be dramatic little girls when one of us has to go home!" I'm mad because of the fact that a boy is always going to win this show cuz they can be way fatter and lose weight way quicker. I still think they should measure the "loss" as what their body fat percentage is and not pounds lost--and adjust it for how much a girl is supposed to have and how much a guy is supposed to have. I hate how none of the boys have been playing the game and voting off the biggest threats..."Ew, girls! We have to get rid of them before they give us cooties!" (Serves you right Dan!) I hate that they brought Ali and Mark back. We finally got rid of him and I didn't like Ali from the beginning. Her and her mom were way too whiny. I hope Ali gets what's coming to her. How could she vote for Brittany and NOT think the dumb boys would come after her next! Duh! I hope the little dope leaves soon. And is it just me, or do these people become less funny the skinnier they get? (Again, Dan...I liked you better fat. You were a lot more fun.) Kelly is the only one I will be hoping for to win. Everyone else is dumb. I can't wait for the new season so I can be rid of these people. I know, I know...I don't HAVE to watch. But I do. I'm too invested.

I don't have quite so much irritation for American Idol...yet. It's not far enough into it.

I still think the boys are better than the girls...and by that I mean, I would listen to more of the boys if they were actually on the radio than if the girls were.

I still love little David A. But My new favorites are Jason C. and David C.

Jason is such a dork and I think that's why he appeals to me so much. Plus, I actually do like his singing. It makes me want to protest for peace and sit on the floor Indian-style with a tambourine.
David is just good. He's already past the point of needing this show. He's the only one that sings ballads that don't bore me. I mean, come on, he sang a freakin' Micheal Jackson song and made it sound good!

I wish the Kristy Lee chick would get booted already. She's not good. I want to see people that are actually better than your average Joe...and she is so Joe. She's going to end up being like the wanna be rocker chick who sucked from the first season of A.I. and end up making it to the final three. If that happens...I quit.

I have one suggestion for the "makers" of the show...Let's have a Carpenter's night! Or an Osmond's night. That would awesome! I would love to see David C. rock out a Donny song. I could just picture him doing "Puppy Love" or "Go Away Little Girl." That'd be friggin' cool.


  1. Biggest loser.. I completely agree! I was shocked that britt left. She was my favorite. I too dislike Ali & mark makes me sooo mad! I used to Love BOB! and wanted to work with him! but after this season I see his true colors! Its so sad, I like Jillian more then ever! Hate Hate Hate the host, and I really tried to like Kim.. but there was just something about her... that I didnt like. I think that some of the people were acaully better looking fatter! :) I think it gets to a point where they lose too much weight! there face starts to sink in, and get to muscular. I generally like round people better :)

  2. HAHAHAHAHAHA! That's totally what I think. I even told Steve that Roger (whom I dispise) gets more and more unattractive. His nose seems to grow more and more! And it's not just a normal big nose--there's nothing wrong with a big nose...but his is like the beak on a toucan!

  3. I missed the first couple episodes of Biggest Loser and haven't gotten into this one, I wish I had. How many weeks are left?

  4. i never got into the biggest loser. it's AI and survivor for us.

    but in regards to AI...i still like brooke the best...she's not the most talented but i like her vibe...she knows her style and has embraced it...and she remindes me and troy of tara h. on good morning arizona! it makes me smile :). but i am also a fan of carly...just hate the tatoos. of the guys i like michael johns, david a.(duh) and david c is grown on me...i just hate his hair! but as far as jason...i don't know i have grown weary of him. LOL but as for kristy...or was it katie?? i don\'t remember...anyway, yeah she needs the boot. she is only still on because she is attractive...she is troy's "eye candy" as he calls her...just to bug me (to bad i could care less).

    i do have to agree when they say this is the most talented group this year...i usually am much more invested in one or 2 singers...but i like most of them...it's hard to see most of them go....

  5. I too love brooke she is my fav! So sweet and humble.. I like carly too!! & Chrissy-tina.. I like that tats.. :) it gives her character, but her husbands tats and piercings are Way to much! Ouch! is all I can say for him.

  6. Carly is my favorite girl. Brooke is good too...I don't know...she reminds me of too many people that I've known. (...Utah Valley flashbacks...) My sister doesn't have nice things to say about her as a person...which probably tainted her a little for me. The other three girls are boring.

    How the heck is Kristy eye candy?! If I were a guy, I wouldn't look thrice. All the other girls are way prettier. I think she's still in cuz she's the only "country" person...the only one for the country people to vote for. All I know is, she's run of the mill.

    David C.'s hair is perfect for him. He wouldn't look as convincing with a crew cut.

    Erika, how have you missed this season?! I'm shocked. I think there are maybe three episodes left...? Maybe two. I don't know. You would be totally annoyed at this season though. The men are all banding together, ganging up on the girls, and being really lame about...real tough guys. You'd mock them. I hope they never do the stupid Couples thing again...I'm sure they will though.

  7. amy, yeah you know i agree about kristy, but troy finds her the most appealing visually. i don't know *shrug* i guess certain guys like certain looks...to each his own? but who am i to judge his tastes?? i mean...he did find me appealing enough to make me his wife!

    and yes, david c's hair does suit him...and yes, a crew cut wouldn't do much for his image. but i still hate it. :) i am not much for the hair in the face look...or the really messy long hair look on guys for that matter. i am a sucker for the shorter cleaner cut look...or it can be longer on the top just as long as it is outa the face.

    just my opinion :)

  8. Yeah...I wouldn't want to have that particular "doo" myself. But I'm not a male rock singer. So whatever works.

  9. Everyone's comments pretty much said it all... But I will just add my AI favorites: David C, David A, Brooke, and Carly... in NO particular order. I am just glad Amanda is gone!!! She was AWFUL.


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