A scetchy look back...

What can I say that would be of any interest? Probably not much. (How's that for a "hook?" My English teachers would be beaming with pride.)

Everything is chuggin' along. We're all alive. No major traumas lately (knock on melamine).

I'm sure our Christmas week was much like anyone elses.
Last Monday, Lily and I made some ornaments.
It was actually pretty fun. She painted all the sticks and did a really good job. I let her do what she wanted on a few of the "candy canes." Her masterpieces turned out to be my favorite of the dozen or so we made.

I made a picture frame for one of our family-picture-yearly-ornaments, (thanks for the idea Stina), out of the left over sticks.

Christmas was more fun this year cuz Lily was pretty into opening things. So it really did make it more enjoyable than just watching her eat paper--as in previous years.

Soon after all the present stuff, Steve went with his brother to play with his new toy and shoot things.

And I started undecorating the tree and took down all of our other Christmas decorations. I know. I'm a Scrooge. I was over it though and just wanted to get it done. I really do love Christmas and what not--but when it's over, it's over. That night we kicked the tree out on its kiester and cleaned up any other holly jolly evidence.

In other news...

We watched a really good movie the other night...The Guardian.
I would buy it if I bought dvds. It has Ashton Kutcher and Kevin Costner as the main people. Ashton actually does some serious acting in it and he's convincing enough. It's a guy and chick flick. So if you're looking for a good, sad movie to watch--there ya go.

Lily is sort of on her way to start wanting to be potty trained. It's a come and go sort of erge...no pun intended, but appreciated. We got her one of those little toilet seats that sit on the big toilet. I opted for this choice over the little "potties" because there is no way I want to clean out a poop bucket...I've had enough of that with this diaper business. Usually when I bring up the toilet and ask her if she wants to sit on it, she sprints the other way.
But last week she came and asked to "Poo on da toilet?" She sat there a good 15 minutes and I was commanded to sit directly in front of her till she got sick of sitting there. Did she do it, you ask? No. Gas, yes. Poo, no. So, now and then she asks to go sit on the toilet and makes me sit there till she's done sitting. Maybe one of these days.


  1. i don't copy templates or anything, i insert the pages individually. i just google "background pages" and use whatever's cute. :)

  2. Amy, You have such a great way with words.... I'm jealous...

  3. Never thought of googling that...good idea.

    Bonnie...have you not met yourself?

  4. Mariska has the same butterfly shirt! Isn't it cute? I'm glad your holidays were good. I loved getting to see you, even if it wasn't for long, sorry... I'm with you on not getting a little potty, yuck.

  5. potty training....isn't it a ball?? my biggest piece of advice is...DON"T PUSH IT! there was much sweat, tears and frustration with noemi....but she was potty trained at about 2. bekah showed NO interest for a LONG time, troy tried pushing it...but she wasn't ready. she didn't do much if ANYTHING till she was 3. you know i SWORE i'd never use the little potty...it IS gross!! BUT that is the only thing bekah would use at first...and the "grossness" was BEYOND worth it. and after the first time she went poo in it...she realised it wasn't scary and THEN went in the BIG POTTY!!! and you know...hardly even used a potty SEAT. and i tell ya what she is EVEN dry at NIGHT!! she has had 1 night time accident since we STARTED potty training (except when she was sick)

    good luck!

  6. We're going the don't-push-it route too. It's pointless to try to force her. I may have to get one of the small toilets if she just won't use the regular one. I guess we'll have to see.

  7. i'm crossing my fingers you won't need one...but they're not as bad as i thought...yay disinfecting wipes!


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