My Little Jane Fonda

I have these walking exercise videos I've been doing (mostly) every day for a while now. Lily has often watched and joined in now and then. She loves to do "kick-backs." Today I finally grabbed some pictures of her while she was doing the ending stretches.

(Notice the people in the video...)

Now the other side...

And for the end...

She makes me laugh.


  1. WoW!! Lily's Excercise's more then I do!! Thats sad, I think I'll go run somewhere right now! She is SOO cute! wants to be just like here mama! She is growing up to fast!

  2. I know. I really have to watch what I do and say around her. Not that I'm going out back and lighting up a cigar or anything. But man! She picks up EVERYTHING I say.

  3. That is so cute! I'm impressed that you exercise everyday at home. My kids would drive me nuts if I tried that. Oh and amen to being careful what you say. They have amazing hearing senses. Brody has been saying things are "lame" (one of my favorite words) and asked me what "twitterpated" meant the other day. Oh boy!

  4. Just tell him it means that you have to go to the bathroom really, really bad.


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