I'm giving myself a day off. I have no great story to tell today...so here are some snippets about what's been going on around here lately.

-- Steve's birthday was Monday. One more year and he'll be really old. I sang to him. He didn't like it =)

-- It was around -9 last night. Time for the random freezing of our shower pipe. Steve just called and told me he heard on the radio that all residents of Roosevelt are supposed to keep a small stream of water going day and night so the pipes don't freeze. Last year, during Sacrament meeting, water started pouring through the ceiling of the kitchen at church. The rest of church was canceled.

-- As of this last week, I've lost 30 pounds this year. (Thought it would look like more.)

-- I'm published! Sorta. I wrote in to Glenn Beck's magazine last month or the month before because a pig-man writer was saying how abused men are when their women are pregnant...that men are the "real heroes of Labor Day." I was feeling vengeful. This months volume of Fusion arrived and there was my email, with the writer's comment on my email. Took up a whole page. Now I need to reply to his reply.

-- We watched the movie Christmas Shoes on Lifetime last week. Has anyone seen it? The one with Kimberly Williams-Paisley? Sheesh. It was so freakin sad! If you want a good cry, watch it. (I'd say it was up there with Charly on the weeping scale.)

-- Saturday night we went to the University Mall in Orem. I wanted to get some perfume or something for one of my Christmas presents. What a nut house! I came out with the other stuff I wanted, but no perfume. I went to all the stores with good smelling stuff...but after the first three sniffs--everything started smelling the same...and not a good same! Anyone have any favorite smells? (Casey, I thought of you as I got to the honeysuckle...and not in a creepy way.)

-- I was really annoyed at the News last night. Their top story was about a bunch of puppies that someone threw away in the dumpster...12 of them died. Okay, yeah...that's really sad and I love puppies. But earlier in the day, I heard about an actual baby BABY that someone put in a dumpster in New York! Am I crazy to think that would trump a story about some stupid puppies?!

-- I've recently discovered that I LOVE Taylor Swift! My little sister gave me her c.d. on Thanksgiving. It is SO good!..especially if you're female. It makes me happy and gloomy and mad and reminiscent. I could listen to it a million times and not get sick of it. It reminds me a lot of Deana Carter's first c.d...just one I'll never get sick of. (You can find most of the songs on YouTube. Also, look up "Taylor Swift Christmases When You Were Mine." It's a really good song.

-- We joined Sam's again! It's been far too long...a whole year. Something possessed us to join Costco this past year. Lame! Sam, we will never stray again.

-- Our ward Christmas party was last Thursday. Four words...the elders planned it.

-- Monday, I got a package from my mom that was a big box of presents for her grandkids. UPS came in a U-Haul!! How funny is that!?

-- Biggest Loser ended last night. Bummer. I think they should make that show a year round thing. I think it keeps people on their toes!

Now I'm tired of writing. So, the end.


  1. I love your tidbits and I want to comment on every one. I wish I could see your post as I'm writing..anyway, I love Taylor Swift too! I've heard her Christmas CD is great, but I'm too cheap to buy it. Come to Nashville and we'll go stalk her house.

    My favorite perfume right now (to go try on at the mall anyway)is Estee Lauder Pleasures Exotic. Smells so much better to me than the plain Pleasures.

    Yea for you for losing 30 pounds! That is hard work, you should be proud.

    Um that's all I can remember so maybe I'll write more later. I'm still creeped out about that email you sent.

  2. Do you know where Taylor Swift lives? I'm there! Okay, maybe I haven't developed that kind of weird obsession yet.

    And yeah...the creepiness of it will linger a while.

  3. Is there anywhere one can read this article of which you speak of?

  4. Yeah, in the magazine.

    I'll look and see if it's on the website anywhere...but I doubt it is. I have MY email that I sent still. It doesn't sound very lady like.

  5. OMG I can't believe you remember that I love lOVe LoVe Honeysuckle, I really do! geeze, I dont even have any. Where did you get yours at? I love taylor swift too! Heather left me burn her CD, Yay Heather! :) You are fantastic on losing 30lbs! I am so proud of you! I watched the biggest loser everyweek! I think that Hollie & Julie changed the mos, why dont they do all women just once! so a woman can be the biggest loser, Not fair that guys lose it so fast!

  6. They should TOTALLY have an all-girls Biggest Loser! I completely agree. You should email the show. I was hoping one of the younger girls would win. But I knew Bill was going to. And that's ok. He was my favorite male.

    The honeysuckle I was smelling was at Bath and Body Works. I didn't buy any cuz the line was too long!--Same story at V. Secret and The Body Shop.

  7. Heck no, puppies are furry! Human babies aren't furry.


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