Thanks for the Fam!

The very short and rushed version...

We had a really good Thanksgiving. Jeremy (bro), Chelcie (my very awesome sis-n-law), my mom, Dan (bro), Kyle (bro), Melissa (my very awesome sis-not-in-law), Bonnie (sis), and Taylee (niece) came rollin in around 5:30 Thursday morning. I'd been worried about them all night! They didn't even leave Mesa until late Wed. afternoon and drove through the night. (I heard that the longer they drove, the more they drove by braille!) I still feel for Chelcie and Melissa! They're both due in April and they had to sit through such a long car ride! Hats off to them.

Everyone basically walked in my front door and crashed where ever there was a cleared surface. My dad, Kylie (niece), Tami (sis) and her hub Loren, and baby Luke arrived the next morning. It was a packed house! And I was VERY happy everyone was there!

Above: Lily and Jeremy
Below: Luke, Tami, Melissa, and Bonnie

We just hung around till it was time to get things cookin. Steve took the boys shooting somewhere and chased some rabbits around. We didn't eat till dinner time...the turkey took much longer than anticipated. Everyone was starving by then! We lined up and got down to business.

We (girls) cleaned up and then played Apples to Apples. I think we ended up going to bed a little before 1 a.m.

The next day, the girls went to Walmart in Vernal...the boys fiddled with Jeremy's van, then went shooting again.

That night, since Melani (sis) and Trevor (bro-in-law) and their kids couldn't come, we all packed up from my house and went to Mel's in Kamas (a small town an hour and a 1/2 drive from Roosevelt...about a half hour from Park City). While everyone was getting settled in, Bonnie had High School Musical 2 on the t.v...I had to get a picture cuz it was so funny how intensely everyone was watching this very (although fun) cheesy movie! (Even Steve and Jeremy!)

We played Cranium after that. My family cracks me up. What a good time! Everyone was so tired though!
Jeremy, I want the video of Mel doing the "Jetpack!"

Below: Chelcie and Jeremy...can't you just imagine them in 50 years when they are ACTUALLY old and senile?!

The next day, we had to get a really quick picture before Mel and Trevor went back to work. (Which we were just thrilled about, as you can tell.)

Topish: left to right: Steve, Loren and Luke, Tami, Melissa, Bonnie, Kyle, Dan, Chelcie, Mom, Dad, Melani, and Trevor.
Bottomish: Me and screamin Lily, Kylie, Taylee, and Jeremy.

Then half of us went to West Jordan where my other sister, Heidi, is and the other half went to the outlet stores in Park City. It was pretty crazy at the outlet stores...but getting Mrs. Field's cookies was SOOO worth it! After shopping, Steve and I left Jeremy's van of people in the parking lot, and came home.

I'm sad. I miss everyone already. I would do this every holiday! (Hear that Jeremy! Come back!)

The end.


  1. WOW!!! Sounds like you all had a great time! I wish I could say that mine was as great but it wasn't... at all :( Oh well, there's always next year!

  2. I missed my family!! I LOVE Apples to Apples, and I also love Cranium but not as much because I'm constantly self-concious, but still have a good time... and Mel's house is HUGE!!! You're family is a good time, I've always had fun when I got the pleasure of hanging out with them!

  3. I can't believe you were in charge of feeding that many people. Impressive! Glad you had a good time with the fam. I bet you're sad they're all gone :(

  4. now THAT sounds like thanksgiving! ahhh! how fun! what a wonderful hostess you are. i don't deal as well with so many people crammed in one spot....hmm but then again if it was just MY family it wouldn't be so bad...i stress out at my kids' blessings because it is troy's AND my family crammed in our house...i do love it but i also love it when everyone leaves too :)

  5. I think when you hardly ever get to see your family, it makes you just appreciate when you CAN be with them. I do have a pretty awesome family though. I wasn't happy to see them go at all. (I tried to keep them from going to my other sister's cuz I wanted them to stay with me longer!! Stingy?...yes.)

    Mel's house is a pretty good size. She has the coolest bathroom! It has funky 60's pink and green wallpaper and the coolest pink sink! It's in really good condition. The guy they're renting it from is like 70...and one of the bedrooms used to be his! I'm happy she finally got a place of her own and out of the...ahem...in-laws. One of these days I need to put a picture of her kids up. She has the most gorgeous kids on the planet...we're talking future American Eagle models.

    I could play Cranium everyday for the rest of my life! I love that game. The Turbo edition is more fun than the original.

  6. I love the pics! & I love that you have a big family to spend time with!! most of which you like! That is amazing and great! Can I join your family too! I need to play games more! I love them.

  7. We had a blast...Thanks for having us!

  8. BTW, thanks for posting a picture of me that makes me looks totally demented. It's fun looking like a serial killer with a mouth full of p'jello.

  9. You're welcome.

    It's not like it was a candid shot. I believe I said, "Hey, everyone smile!" And THAT'S what you gave me.


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