If you've never had a massage from someone that knows what they're doing...get one!

Kyle (bro) and Melissa both went to a massage college in Prescott this past year...and I reaped the rewards this past weekend. Kyle gave me a back massage and when I got up, my body felt like happy, happy jello! I imagine that it's how people on drugs feel...and why they'd want more. I don't think I've ever felt so relaxed in all my life!--with the exception of getting an epidural while in labor. Wait...no...the massage wins cuz at the end of it, I wasn't anticipating a human being getting pushed out of my body. It was so nice. I need more!

Then Melissa gave me a hand massage. Ahhhhhhh. "Heaven. I'm in heaven. And my heart beats so that I can hardly speak..." Anyway. Very good stuff. Next time...feet!

I thought "real" massages were overrated...till I got one.


  1. Seriously there is nothing better!!!!!! I ask for one every year for my birthday (not that I get one..but I can dream!).

  2. okay...send em over here! i have ALLLLLLLLways wanted a professional massage. my brother was engaged to a massage therapist...everyone ELSE in my family got to be blessed by her talents, it seemed, except ME! :( GRRRR! but, alas, the engagement went nowhere. we still love her, but i'm its akward..

  3. I'm jealous. I don't even bother wishing, I know it'll never happen. I've thought of going to school for that, since a degree would take a long time to get, but I just don't like touching people, that's also a reason why I couldn't be a hairstylist person... I don't want to wash people's nasty hair. the only reason why I could be a CNA was because they gave you gloves!

  4. By the way... on the poll, I chose other. My favorite Christmas movie of all time is The Muppets Christmas Carol. Best Christmas movie ever!

  5. Ok...so thanks for commenting on my blog. I love getting comments! Anyway~ for the Christmas movie, I voted other as well. Right on, Erika. I love The Muppet's Christmas Carol. My other favorite one is Christmas in Connecticut. So cute!

  6. I don't think I've ever heard of Christmas in Connecticut! How did that one escape me?

    I remember your love for Muppets Christmas Carol. I still haven't seen it.


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