The News Is In!

No...not MY news. (Fooled ya!) But great just the same. Jeremy and Chelcie are having a boy! He's due to arrive at the beginning of April. (What a fabulous month!=)

Kyle and Melissa just found out yesterday that they're having a girl...in April.

And my bro-and-sis-in-law are having an "it"...also in April. It's their first one and I still think they're NUTS not wanting to know what the sex is! I know...it's a fun surprise or whatever. But isn't actually having the baby a big enough surprise! And won't there be enough surprises down the road?...Like when you realize you haven't showered in a week or slept for more than 2 straight hours in a row in the past year! Or when it hits you one day that you could have purchased a cozy cabin in the woods with the amount of cash you spent on diapers?! I mean, really. Finding out the gender of the baby is the LAST thing you have control over once that kid is born!

But that's just me. I liked to be prepared as much as possible.

I'm very happy for all you baby makers!


  1. wow, what are the chances of 3 siblings all having kids in april? I hate the arguement of not finding out the sex because you want it to be a surprise... it's a surprise in the ultra sound room!! But it's a better timed surprise because then you can spend the next 2-3 months calling it by it's name and actually buying things for it's gender... it's better bonding if you get the "surprise" before the baby is born.

  2. Just two siblings...and then an inlaw. But it's still pretty cool.

    I agree with you about the bonding thing. Plus, it gives you time to like the idea of having a girl/boy--in case you were hoping for the other.

  3. You totally had me fooled when I saw the pic! Congrats to all your siblings even though I don't know them :)


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