Lily's 2nd Birthday

Two years ago...


Lily's birthday was on the 2nd. She got to go on her first "service project." We had an Activity Day for the older Primary girls which was a fundraiser for Primary Children's Hospital. We were assigned to one block in our Ward boundaries and we actually collected $115! A dog almost ate us as it flew out of one of the houses--scared us so bad...probably took two years off my life.

We did your basic cake and presents for Lily's b-day. We didn't do much else cuz we're going to Salt Lake on Saturday and planning on Hogle Zoo. Apparently, it's supposed to snow/rain though, so it might end up being something else. It would figure the weekend I actually plan a particular family activity, the temperature decides to drop 30 degrees. It's okay though. We'll just go with the flow.

Lily didn't care much for the actual cake once she realized it had "m-ms" on it. She just started picking them off and then decided she loved the cake so much and started kissing and hugging it.

And being my kid, it's not a surprise that she would show physical affection for a dessert food.


  1. Happy Birthday Lily! Have fun at the zoo. Hope it doesn't snow on ya!

  2. Happy Birthday!! I can't believe how big she is! & what a nice cake! I wish I could bake! HUgs!

  3. Happy Birthday to Lily! The zoo will be so exciting!

  4. *Sniff* They grow up so fast...*sniff*


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