Kangaroo Zoo

So the real zoo was a no-go thanks to the snow and rain. We ended up going to a place called the Kangaroo Zoo in Pleasant Grove. It's like a big warehouse type of building that someone filled with a bunch of those big blow up slides and bouncy things. Lily was afraid to go on most of the "things"...She had more fun just running around and playing with some chairs than anything. Can't say I didn't try!

Our ride home was cool. Sandi gave Lily a couple presents--finger paints and a Crayola Color Wonder set (love it!)-- that we let Lily open in the car, (Sandi told me what they were so I knew they would entertain Lily on the drive). It's two hours from Utah Valley to Roosevelt. The day before when we were going to U.V., it was clear and dry. But on our way back, a little snow had fallen and it was so pretty! In the picture of the road and a car ahead, there are actually two big mountains in front of us, that you can't see. It's weird knowing that there's a whole mountain range all around you and all you can see are clouds. It's typical around these parts, but I never tire at how cool it is. That's one of the first things I fell in love with about Utah when I first visited back in '98. I was amazed that the clouds touched the ground! It never gets old. (At least to me.)

Although, I still hate the driving in snow part. Eight years here and I still white knuckle it every time. I mean, I learned how to drive in AZ on the driving course at Mesa High! We never had snow! We hardly had rain! But Steve drives in it like it's no biggy. He thinks I'm a wuss. I'm just afraid of the impending feeling of death around every curve.


  1. I am so jealous that you get to be in Utah!! We miss it SO MUCH! It is so beautiful. The Kangaroo Zoo sounds awesome!!

  2. That is so true how Arizona does not prepare you to drive in the real world! I totally freak in the rainstorms here. I'm so scared for winter and icy roads!!! I've never driven in ice or snow in my life.

    The Kangaroo place sounds fun! Glad you had a plan B...

  3. PS-I love the new look. It's fun :)

  4. Yeah...I really don't like the cold.

    Looks like yall had fun!


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