Let The Holidays Begin!

Apparently, I'm already behind on my Christmas shopping. At least that's what they are telling me on the news. Walmart is already starting their big price cuts TOday! Of course, this is because of the whole lead-paint-on-toys scare and they're afraid this will be a bad toy-year. But still. If I bought a toy for Lily right now for Christmas, I know I'd want to give it to her within the week. Otherwise...what a waste! She could be playing with it all this time. Yeah, I know..."But then Christmas wouldn't be as fun!" She's two. She doesn't care. I could probably just get some of the toys she already owns and wrap them up and she'd still love it! Too bad that wouldn't work for adults. You could go to a Christmas party, wrapping paper and tape in hand...just wander around till you find something you think your host would like, (which really wouldn't be too difficult considering they already purchased it for themselves), and wrap it up all pretty. Then when Christmas morning rolls around, they'd be so delighted with your gift...they remember how happy they were when they first bought their _________ (fill in the blank) and because of you, they get to relive that moment all over.

If anyone has any ideas for kid's Halloween costumes--(yes, we still have to get to Halloween and Thanksgiving before we get to Christmas)--let me know. Or if you know of any websites that have some cute (and cheap) ideas, share them too. Thanks!


  1. Oh boy I haven't even started yet! Thanks for the scare :)
    I usually get Halloween costumes at Target.. they have warm cute ones for like 15 bux.

  2. Someone else told me Target was a good place to get costumes...I'll have to get there when we go to "the city" this weekend.


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