Kid Lunch Ideas

Here are few ideas people have given for those that have none...Feel free to keep adding more as we all need more ideas!

~Dino nuggets from Costco

~Grilled cheese

~Cheese crisps/quesadillas/burritos

~Cottage cheese and fruit/veggies

~English muffin pizzas

~Macaroni w/ tomato juice and cut up hot dogs

~Pancakes with fruit spread
~Mini deli platters
~Fish sticks

~Top Ramen

~Lipton Noodles

~Brown Rice and grilled chicken chunks or chicken patty chunks

~Sandwich and string cheese

~Dora/Golfish Campbell's soup

~Frozen Banquet dinners
~Bean and veggie soup with toast fingers to dip

~Hot dogs cut into 4--lenthwise, rolled up and baked in crescent rolls
~French toast sticks with applesause for dipping
~Pinwheel bites: slice deli meat, slice of cheese, lettuce, and mayo rolled up in a tortilla and sliced into 2 inch wheels.
~Easy pasta salad: cooked and cooled pasta, shredded cheddar, cherry tomatoes, shredded carrots, corn and green beans, a little Ranch dressing.
~Tuna dippers: drained can tuna, mayo, triscuits and carrot sticks for dipping.
~Pita nachos: slice pitas like a pizza, melt cheese, viola!

Recommended Book--Cooking for Kids and Kid's Party Food, (two-in-one book)


  1. Thanks for some more good ideas! I don't think my kids would touch some of them, but there are some good ideas. Did it help you?

  2. Some. Lily is such a stinkin' picky eater, that it's pretty much hit and miss. There are a couple ideas that normal kids would eat that she would turn her nose up at. Maybe down the road she'll become less picky.


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