refinishing without sanding

A few months ago, I saw someone refinish furniture without sanding on Pinterest.  They used this:

I thought it was worth a try cuz I hate sanding.  Especially when it's something with a lot of curves or bumps.  Like this changing table I was given by a generous person who just had a baby.    

It started out plenty cute, but I wanted some color.  I really like to color all over things...especially white things. 

I got the Cover Stain at Lowe's for $8.  Totally worth it.  All I did was wipe it down with a little vinegar solution and went at it with the cover stain.  It still took a long time to prime, but not as long as sanding would have taken and definitely not as hard or messy.  Just time consuming.  I only used maybe 1/8 of the can (smaller can), so I can still use it for other projects that might come up.

As I learned the hard way, don't get it on your clothes cuz it's like some kind of super glue once it gets in the fibers.  And don't plan on keeping the brush.  I got a mid-grade brush and I don't see how I would have been able to salvage it with how glue-ee this stuff was.

Steve and I spray painted the changing table aqua--took 2 cans.  Who knew you could actually get cute colors in a spray paint...but I only found it at Home Depot.

I'm pretty happy with it and pretty happy to have it.  I didn't have a changing table when Lily was a baby and I always thought it would have been convenient.  I'm especially grateful for it now because sitting Indian-style on the floor to change diapers isn't going to be an option for a while.

Almost makes me want to "refinish" something else right now.  Almost.

Thank you, Sue & congrats!


  1. Nice do-it-yourself job. I love it when things work out the way you want.

  2. It looks great and I LOVE that color of blue! I've never had a changing table either and have always wanted one... next time.

  3. Awesome! You gave me the jibblies describing the paint, though. I have never wanted to really tackle something that required sanding, and I may still not, even with magical, glue-like sanding-free primer in the world. :D


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