hanging out

The thermometer actually says 44 degrees. FOURTY-FOUR!  Can you believe it?

And it scares me just a little. Cuz if it's that warm in Roosevelt--in January--we're in for it.

But it won't be too long until the big thaw.

Until then, we're just chillaxin' round here; making masterpieces out of Playdough and putting on fightin' the fever!    

(Steve hates that word.  And you know what that means? I have to slip it into conversation as much as I possibly can.  The 9 year old in me likes to poke him with a stick.)


  1. Jeremy said the same thing this morning, about the weather. I keep crossing my fingers that it's global warming, and it'll be like St. George up here in Utah Valley from now on...

    "Chillaxin'" sounds like something popcicle-like you take for diarrhea. :P

  2. I love the little crafts you do with lily. They are so cute, I love the pictures to!
    7 the word chillaxin :) because.. its almost like your multi-tasking while you say it :)

  3. We hit 75 here today. Quite warm. Kids wear shorts to school!!

  4. so pretty! love the soft colors and the bright light in these photos. beautiful! :)

  5. I LOVE photos that capture only part of the subject - these are wonderful!


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