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Did you see Martha Stewart today?

She made these:

They totally look like peaches...but they're actually cake.

I probably will never make them.  I just think they're really pretty...and clever. 

Speaking of Martha...

I enjoy watching her mannerisms.  She's so controlling and doesn't care if she makes her guests feel like children.  If it weren't rude, I'd admire it.

Speaking of someone who likes cleanliness...

If you need a last minute Christmas present for that hard-to-shop-for clean freak in your life, buy them this:  (the clouds part, the heavens open, angelic choirs join in chorus...) the Libman Freedom Spray Mop.

I (in my best Grinch voice) LOATHE mopping.  Hate it.  Hate it.  Triple hate it.  It bites.  It's too time consuming.  It's a hassle.  I'd rather clean a toilet...without gloves on.  Mopping is awful.

Until now!

I got this mop a month or so back and it's super-fantastic!  If I were a broom, I'd marry it. 

It's also pretty inexpensive.  Only $20 at Target and the cleaner costs pennies.  I just use vinegar and water, which does an excellent job of cleaning most anything.  And it's quick.  I don't have to move every piece of kitchen furniture to do it and I mop a lot more often.  

And if you're one of those people who think, "That is a stupid present.  Who would want that for Christmas?!"  Well, then, you're right.  Don't get this for someone as a Christmas present.  It'd be right up there with getting deodorant in your stocking.  "Merry Christmas, you stink!"..."Merry Christmas, my feet stick to your floor!"

But it is an awesome mop.  Just so you know.

In other news, the snow finally came.  With vengeance.  I think I'm not going anywhere for a few days.  (Why do people like taking picture of the snow at their houses?)

 Hello, White.
 I wish I took a better picture of this:
I spent a good half hour out there knocking the snow off the canopy.  It wasn't fun.  I ripped a hole in it. Who knew snow could be so heavy?   I got snow in my ears.  And down the back of my coat.  And my fingers temporarily lost any sensation. 

I'm good now.  But like I said, won't be going anywhere for a few days.

Which leads me to the rest of this post.  Stuff I saved for a rainy (snowy) day.

This is my Christmas tree.  In bokeh. Blur is beautiful. 
This is Steve's birthday cake.  Carrot.  The best carrot cake I've ever had.  It's from my favorite people at Cook's Country.  (Thank you, D.I. for having this glorious cookbook for only $3.  Although, I'm a little shocked that someone had the nerve to give this book away!)  I may post the recipe later.  Mmm.  It was good. 
There's no real reason for this next picture.  Other than, I like it.  I made seasonal "T"s to go on my wall.  This is the Christmas T.  Steve says it looks like a "J". 
 This is Steve?  Isn't he handsome.  His face shines in the glow of the computer screen.
This is me.  Steve took it.  I don't know when.  But it was in my camera.  He did a good job.

Aren't you jealous of my lusciously full lashes?  (Yeah, they're there.  Look harder.)

Here's my beloved brother.  He drove all the way here last week (2 1/2 hours away) to rescue me from my own technological stupidity.  He saved me exactly $1,995.00. 

"What a brother.  What a sweet, wonderful guy..."
 More lovely bokeh.  Just cuz I like it.  I'll be sad when Christmas is over and there won't be as many twinkly lights to take pictures of.

And lastly for your tour through my rainy day post:  
Have a nice day.

Photography love...


  1. Awesome! And, sorry, your "T" does look like a "J."

    And the carrot cake sounded tasty until I saw the shredded coconut-like substance sticking out of it, and it gave me the jibblies. :D

    I love all your pictures! You really are talented.

  2. What's wrong with a power mop for a gift. A nice, practical present that makes life easier--what could be better?

    Same for deodorant in the stocking. That's a gift that everybody around the recipient can appreciate.

    Oh, and now I want carrot cake.

  3. That is so funny... I would love a good mop for Christmas! I'm the queen of practical gifts. I fully appreciate deoderant in my stockings!

  4. cake = yummy, t = j, steve = handsome, jeremy = coolest brother, snow = awesome wish I was there, you = Georgous!!! I love this pic of you.. when you die.. when your 94... and you will last that long because you are stubborn... this should be the picture at your funeral, u are very beautiful my friend. and I love the Blur

  5. The T does look like a J...if you are from Backwards Land! I think it's a very fancy T!

    And the cake does look super yummy.

    And I do not envy your snow. Not one little bit.


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