a whole lot of whole lot

This is a really long post.

But tt's been a while.

Long while.

Been busy.

I went to Idaho.

Lily had a birthday.

We ate lots of cake.  (Three diff ones.  One pound gained for each.)

I read a book.  (Good book, sucko movie.  Tell you 'bout it later.)

I changed my stale background. (Not festive, but happy nonetheless.)

I had a class.

I worked on my other site. (Still working on it.  Show you soon.)

I took pictures.  

And I did 234 loads of laundry.


I have a couple pictures for you.

Birthday girl. 

Here's cake #1.  Got the idea from Family Fun magazine.  These were for her "birthday playdate" the day before her birthday.  (I'm really not into bday parties with games and structure.  So much easier.)

Note:  crowns will eventually melt into a puddle if not refrigerated.

Cake #2.  Classic Dunlap style.  Mostly just did it so she would actually be able to blow out candles ON her birthday. It was a tiered Ding Dong masterpiece.

Cake #3.  It reminded me of a pink and yellow woolly mammoth...with sprinkles.  This was for the day after her birthday.

Next year: one cake.  I think that's enough.

Pictures from shooting my sis and family:

It was fun.

So was taking this girl's pictures.  She's super gorgeous.  The camera loved her so.

And that is her natural hair color.  Some people have all the luck.  And the beauty.

There will be more of her to come.  (Pins and needles.  I know you're sitting on them!)

We also so went on a couple drives over the last few weeks.  So here are some pictures from that and just whatever else I feel like sticking in.  Not too much in the mood to type.  So use your imagination.

Cows.  In the road.  Not too much to explain there.  Just thought it was funny.  Steve didn't.  


The ugly-pretty pose is a favorite of hers.

You gotta...

This was a very patriotic canyon.  Awesome.

This side of a mountain has a painted on flag and says "Remember the Maine" (--U.S.S Maine) and some other stuff.  Like it.  

At a park in front of the mountain.

And here's us.  We had some time to kill before church.  That's right...BEFORE church.  It was a miracle.  I have high hopes of it happening again.  But seeing that church is going to start at 9 a.m. come January...it's probably in vain.

That's enough.  I'm done.  I'm taking too much time.  I have laundry to do and dinner to make.

(Honestly, I'm not going to make any.  But I'll go and think about doing it and then decide I feel too crappy and/or tired to do it.  So we'll probably just have cereal.  Or Ramen.  Or nothing.  I'm good with that too.  Nothing requires even less work than cereal.  Looks like I have a plan.)


  1. Ha ha ha!

    I am so glad you wrote a post! It's been so long, and I wondered if you fell of the planet.

    I don't like making dinner either. If I could, I would just eat hot pockets all day long, but I, at some point, filled up my entire freezer with frozen vegetables and we don't have room for junk. Which is a shame. A blasted shame...

  2. Melani's little girl has her eyes...very exotic!

  3. I absolutely love reading your posts!
    You make me laugh. Glad you've been busy but don't stop posting k? You baby girl is beautiful. I can't believe how big she's getting.
    It's fun that they grow up though. I love that I have adult children.

  4. Good pics. Were those from that new camera I hear tell of?

  5. I love the first pic of lily. She is beautiful & she looks just like her mother. The stop sign is cute & has an important message. The family pic is awesome. I do like the short hair. :) i asked riley to tell me something that makes him happy on the way to drop him off @ school.. he said. "lily makes me happy" :) & he doesnt even know about our visit. Coming up. :) i think the cows in the road r funny too.

  6. Dara--My freezer has no room for much junk either. All my junk has lots of preservatives and doesn't have to be refrigerated. Giving me months of sugar comas and crashes to come.

    Nichele--Melani's kid DOES have exotic eyes. She's too pretty for her own good...like Mel.

    Thanks, LaDonna. I'll try to post more. And it IS fun that she's growing up...only problem is that the attitude grows too.

    Dan--They are from new camera. Fun, fun toy. But complicated. Took me three weeks to read the manual and two more weeks of sitting in a class to get the whole jist.

    Casey--When are you going to tell Riley about your visit? In the plane? :)


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