strawberries, ymmmmmm

 Friedrick told you, Father.  We were berry picking.  --I forgot!  You were berry picking!
Yes, we love berry picking.  --All afternoon?
We picked thousands!  --Thousands?
They were all over the place.  --What kind of berries? 
Blueberries, sir. --Blueberries. It's too early for blueberries. 
They were strawberries.  --Strawberries? 
It's been so cold lately, they turned blue.  --Very well. Show me the berries. 
We. . . .   --Well. . . . Show me the berries you picked. 
We don't have them anymore.  --You don't have them anymore? What happened to them? 
We. . . . We ate them.
Good movie.

Good scene.

I don't have much of a garden this year.  Just strawberries. 

Last year taught me how hard having a big garden was.  So I'm taking the year off...except for the strawberries.

Which are perennials. 

So I have no choice.

And boy, do I have a recipe for you.

Step right up for the most scrumptious little cheesecake bite of your life!

You just cream a package of CREAM CHEESE together with 1/3 cup sugar.

Then you add 2 1/4 cup COOL WHIP to it. 

Next, add a VANILLA WAFER into the bottom of muffin cups--mini or medium sized.

Put the cream cheese filling into a zip lock bag and pipe some nice billowing globs on top of each wafer.

Refrigerate an hourish. 

Top with whatever...STRAWBERRIES and lightly toasted COCONUT are my favorite.

Bet you can't eat just five.


  1. Yummo! What movie was that anyway???

  2. It looks good, but it looks like it could use some more cake in it.

    And whipped cream.

  3. Wow, I am going to have to do that! Like...today... :P

  4. Sound of Music! The hills are alive and all that stuff.

  5. Love that movie! But as you can tell it's been quite sometime since I've seen it. Now I want to watch it again...

  6. That looks soooo Yummy!! :) we had strawberries... they died.. our tomatos died... its to hot to grow anything here boohoo


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