...and i'm in it

I have a sister-in-law that is both wise and deep.

She says, "This is my life.  And I'm in it."

Ain't that the truth?

You can't fight it.  You just have to live it.

So you really, and I mean REALLY, have to savor the little things.  Even when you have to force yourself to make something little seem like it's what's making your life worth living.  Sometimes, grasping at straws is all ya got. 

Yesterday, there were a few things that gave me small moments of satisfaction and contentment.


I can really only give an opinion up to 3/4 of the way through book two, (that was a mouthful).  But they're awesome so far.   The story is great and you don't have to put too much mental energy into reading it.

And all the characters are likable.  (Even puss-oozing goblins who kiss 14 year old girls.  That's right...now don't you want to read it?) 
And I hear a movie is going to be made.  I can SO see this being a movie.  (Now, if we can just keep every director and writer of Twilight away from this project, it'll be a must see!)

Next on my gee-I'm-glad-for-the-little-things list:  the tacklebox briefcase.

You know you can't get Caboodles at Walmart anymore?  And I mean the big plastic, tacky 90's versions.  I have a ton of stuff for doing Lily's hair and it was overtaking her little bath caddie.
So, instead, I found a plastic tackle/tool box thing with little cubbies.  Seems to work great.  (Although, I'd still love a Caboodle so I could put hair creme and a spray bottle in it.  So if you know where to get them, let me know.)

Kind of bad-A for hair accessories, right?  Makes me feel like a hair-gangsta when I'm carrying it.  And only $5.  Not bad.

The third goody is this food chopper.

I originally saw how totally awesome food choppers were on What Would Brian Boitano Make.
First of all, if you haven't seen it...you should.  It's one of the better Food Network shows.  Not boring and blah like 3/4 of them.  Brian is absolutely delightful with subtle gay notes.

He's just super-fantastic...just like the scrarf around his neck.

I used the chopper yesterday for onions.  It was the most joyful onion-cutting I've ever done.  No crying involved.

That was yesterday.

I wonder what will make bring me little moments of contentment today.  (I see a fruit salad in my future.)


  1. Oddly enough, yes, I do want to read Fablehaven now. And if they make a movie of the series, they also need to keep all of the directors of the last few Harry Potter movies away from it as well. And Chris Columbus, just on general principles.

    I have no idea what a Caboodle is, and I don't want to know.

    And chopping onions with a slap chop is cheating, ya big sissy.

  2. I am a big sissy. I like to chop an onion in 3.5 seconds. I'm an onion ninja!

  3. I loved the first Fablehaven book, but I moved on. I should go back and read them all. I should get one of those tackle boxes...I have too many hair thingies that end up all over the floor.

  4. Fruit salad...yummy yummy. Wiggles, anyone?

  5. I loved my caboodle. I miss it too.

  6. I loved my caboodles! Now they have those new spiffy looking ones at walmart, that dont hold ANYTHING! I know because I am the idiot who baught one. I have a slap chop, but it only chops half of the onion and the bottom part it doesnt get, and it basically squeezed the juice out :P I think I got a cheap-o one though. does yours do that too? if not what brand did you get?

  7. I have a Pampered Chef one. But Brian uses an OXO one that seems to work well on t.v.


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