wear it out

Ihave really been diggin' this whole wardrobe refashion phenom that's sweeping the globe.  (Maybe that's a little presumptuous, to assume it's sweeping the globe, but it sure has my brain in a tizzy.) 

No longer do you have to throw old clothes away.  You can just turn it into something completely different...that's even more awesome.  People across the country are turning really bland pieces of clothing into stuff with ruffles, pleats, flowers, and frills!  It's pretty fun.  People are seeing really expensive looks from snooty clothing stores and copying them from old rags.  I'm absolutely mesmerized by it  

This is just one of the many sites out there right now.  You will be amazed what you can do with a little unwanted, unused, or old fabric.

So, today, this is what I'm grateful for.  But more than that, I'm grateful for all of the super blogs that exist.  I've learned more practical skills and life insight from the blogs I've visited this year than I did all 18 or so years of schooling.  Let me tell you, I could spend 24 hours every other day just looking at the creative blogs out there.  And I don't think it has been even a teeny bit waste of time.

My first attempt at frugal refashion involved this skirt.  I've had this stupid skirt for a few years but have hardly ever worn it cuz it has a really slick lining and it rides up as I'm sitting in church.  Classy.

So, (or should I say "sew"  Ha!), I made it into a cute shirt for Lily...with some final touches of a couple cute black buttons and ruffles down the front.

Sassy-little-uptown girl!


  1. I love it. Great idea! There is a lot of personal satisfaction in creating something out of something you already had.

  2. So you're saying that when my clothes get worn out or bland that all I have to do is add some star patches and ruffles to my shorts and sew some lace to my shirt collars, and there you go?

    I'm not too sure about that.

  3. Amy you are just too talented!!!

  4. That turned out super cute! Wow. You are talented. I probably would have just cut it up in squares and attempted to make a blanket out of it.

  5. Silly Dan. Amy you have such talent! I could never do that. And I even took a sewing class in college.

  6. I love the shirt, so cute... but I really liked that skirt!!

    I can't wear out my clothes enough to re-invent them, I have to be able to fit into them first!


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