10 minute christmas cheer

Since I'm being a Scroogette when it comes to Christmas decor this year, I decided that anything I put up, will be made by Lily and me.  Then it'll all go up gradually and I will find more sentiment in the decorations...Just not into the generic, purposelessful decor this year.

We added some holiday cheer to our family silhouettes. 

I think they're funny.

Steve thinks I'm "a geek...with a lotta nerd mixed in."  (He's so eloquent.)

Which makes them even more funny to me.

They were a cinch.  Especially for four-year-old hands.

(See, this is the great part about having green walls.  All I have to do is add some red construction paper around the room and I'm festive!)


  1. Hey, at least your blog looks festive! And I love the Santa hat on silhouettes idea - so cute and awesome and funny! I think Steve is just jealous he didn't think of it himself.

  2. I like decorating. Everything I have collected over the years has special meaning. Mostly it reflects my fetish for snowmen.

  3. I started out making our Christmas stockings...and then I ended up hating them and bought some instead. :P

  4. I love LoVe lOvE it! :) That is so cute! :) hey how did you do the silhouettes?


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