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Yesterday, I voted.

They gave me a snazzy little red sticker.  Which I took to Subway and got a 6" sub for only .99 with the purchase of a drink when you wear your "I VOTED" sticker in.  It was good.  Steve and I called the whole experience a date.  Eh.  Take what you can get.

It wasn't one of those monumental races, (at least to me).  Nothing particularly interesting was up for grabs, (at least to me).  Though I am glad my taxes won't go up. 

But still.  There is a satisfaction in doing your civic duty, no matter how inconsequential it seems.

I think everyone should vote.  True, it's your right to choose not to, (God bless America).  But if you don't, then your right to complain about how wrong things are goes out the window.  

It's sad when people, particularly women, don't vote.  There were women that fought some pretty horrible fights in order to have that right.

They'd be bummed if they knew how many women took it for granted and didn't do it.

I found this letter.  It was written by Mary C. Murray.  She was involved in the Votes for Women movement.  It's a little hard to read, but you can get the idea.

The most interesting thing she writes is the last line of the letter.  "She [woman] needs the vote more than all else to guard the home."   

They felt that strongly about it. 

I'm grateful for what they did and that all of the tough work was done for me.    


  1. I honestly forgot to vote. This first time in 17 years! We had one city council seat up for election, and I just spaced it. I am a disgrace to women everywhere!

  2. You must live in a town smaller than mine!

  3. Shame on me, I didn't vote either. I guess I feel like nothing ever changes in Orem, no matter who is in office. Plus, I didn't look into any of the candidates, and I feel like if I am going to vote, I should be informed. I suppose I could just vote with my party, but who knows who I will be voting into office...?

  4. Yeah, don't vote for your party by default. There could be some real cooties hiding.

  5. Just a note, most municipal elections are non-partisan. So you can't vote a straight party vote. I got 3 votes for mayor! :) Good ol' write ins :)

  6. Holy nuts I forgot to vote this year!! I didnt see one sign! Which usually reminds me to vote, and I didnt get anything in the mail either.. Maybe. they didnt want me to vote.. they were secretly hoping the blondes in the area would forget and go shopping instead! They won, Im sad :( I think my guilt and road to recovery may lead me to the nearest Target. :)


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