love to see

Not a day goes by that I'm not thankful to have been born into the church.  I often wonder why I'm that lucky.

I would shrivel up and die without knowing the things I know and being able to do the things I get to do.

I'm glad I do not have a void where something should be.

I'm glad to know exactly what the point of existing is all about.

I'm glad to know what's expected of me and that I have unlimited access to the ultimate instruction book.

I'm glad to know there's an instant connection at any given moment to that High Power whenever I need strength that I don't have.

I'm VERY glad to know that Someone knows exactly how I feel.

I'm glad to know it will all be worth it.

I'm glad to have a built in support system no matter where I go.

And I'm glad to have somewhere to go to get completely away from the stank that is in this world.

Especially today.

I'm grateful for what goes on in them.

I'm grateful for the serene feeling that comes from just being on the grounds.

 I'm grateful for their beauty.

I'm grateful for their welcoming way.

And I'm grateful that there is something sacred on this earth, that will always remain sacred.


  1. Amen to all of that. We need to go so badly!

  2. I like how you put the Mesa temple first. And with all the Christmas lights! They are on next week, day after Thanksgiving! I am so excited. Maybe I will drag Dan there.

  3. Amen! A gratitude, but also a testimony.

  4. I love those pictures, they are all so beautiful! :)


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