so what


I haven't posted in 4 weeks.


I feel kind of smug.

There's something satisfying about not blogging.

Especially when there has been plenty to blog about.

For example:

THE FALL LINE UP. Is there anyone else other than me watching FlashForward? What if we all blacked out at the exact same moment in time? Maybe I just feel special cuz April 29 is my b-day...the day we all dreamt about. Ooooo...the suspense.

Oh, and I really am ever so happy Donny Osmond is on Dancing With the Stars. Speaking of which, how come if I like Donny, I'm a dirty old lady...but if I like Zac Efron, I'm also a dirty old lady?

You know what really makes me sad? One of our free preview channels for September was Bravo. I got all into Top Chef--which I love--and then the free preview ended. Anyone know where I can watch back-episodes? Anyone know who's winning? At least I have The Next Iron Chef to take it's place...kind of a poor man's Top Chef, but it'll do.

MY KID TURNING FOUR. Four. FOUR! She's funny. She makes me laugh in the middle of disciplining. I hate it! And I love it. I would probably have had a stroke by now if she didn't know how to diffuse me. And she's smart. The smartest kid in the whole wide world. She's practically a brain surgeon. And she's the prettiest. And the most well-behaved. (Ha...even I didn't believe that one.) And the most observant. She's just the most awesome kid in the Universe.

SINCE THIS IS FRESH IN MY MIND: OBAMA WINNING THE NOBEL PEACE PRIZE. Come on...he totally deserved it. He's just so wonderful. He's done so much for our country already. Tears come to my eyes just thinking about how much I adore him. Oh, and I have ocean front property in Air-uh-ZONE-uh and a dragon named Pete.

The colder it gets, the better I like it. Then I have a genuine excuse of not going outside for any reason. (I'm not big on the sunshine, if you hadn't already gotten that. I love indirect light and shade, but the rays of sunlight make me grouchy.) Now I don't have to garden anymore. Thank goodness. It's a lot of work. Winter really is a lazy season. But I think it's one we all need. Just do as Dr. Oz says and get your Vit. D..

IDAHO. I went there for a week to visit my parents in their new place. Who knew Idaho was so awesome?! Everyone I've ever known to move there falls into a deep, black hole...almost never to be heard from again! I was always sad about that. But now I know why. I love it there. I wouldn't mind living there at all. If I did, I probably wouldn't come visit me in Utah either. (Sorry to my ID friends who I didn't get to see! It was a parent filled week. There will be a definite next time though.)

But like I said, it's been nice not blogging.

You should all try it if you haven't.

I hope everyone's doing well and that all you pregnant people are feeling spry and healthy.

Have a good Sunday...thank goodness there's church tomorrow. I'm runnin' low.


  1. Despite your assurance that being blogless is great, I am glad you posted!
    And like I said on Facebook: Why don't they give the Nobel Prize to someone who deserves it? Like Al Gore...oh wait...Yeah, why don't they give it to someone who deserves it??!

  2. Amy I have missed you for the last four weeks. It certainly has been boring on the family blog. I know I have no room to talk, but maybe everyone can take a lesson and try to keep up with everyone and at least try to make an effort once in a while.

  3. What is cafemom? What's the website? Probably the obvious cafemom.com. I will check it out. Good to see ya up and blogging again! I have actually been bloggin more than usual lately. Maybe your blogging mojo came to me. I will share some if you want it back. :)

  4. Who had a dragon named Pete? Pete had a dragon named Elliot.

  5. lol, your a nerd :P thats why I love you :)
    we are watching flashforward, Its a good show :) and its crazy that the day they flash to is your birthday and Riley's :)
    Lily is awesome! I cant believe how fast they sprout! we want pictures of the beautiful fall in utah.. Arizona has nothing good going on. :)

  6. Amy I have missed reading your blog, I am so glad to here something from you. I know you said going blogless was great but here in Idaho, where we are freezing, we need the warm happy thoughts of those down in Utah. Tell Lily Happy Birthday. And I agree with you Donny is pretty cool.

  7. I'm afraid to not blog, like I will miss something very important. It is good to hear from you!

  8. Idaho?! No. You are crazy. I lived there for nine years. Yuck.


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