dish diarrhea

We used to have this thing in my house growing up.

It was called dish diarrhea.

Was your family inflicted by it, too?

If you aren't familiar with it, let me fill you in on this phenom: Dish diarrhea occurs when members of the family are simultaneously hit with a case of diarrhea as soon as it's time to do the dishes. They can't come help with the dishes because they're stuck in the bathroom..."sick." My younger siblings were the most stricken by this horrible fate. To this day, I'm not sure what they actually did during the many hours spent in the bathroom. Must have been fun.

Over the years, dish diarrhea's definition has broadened--Any urgent and sudden excuse to get out of any hard work.

Tonight, I was reminded of dish diarrhea and the many forms it can take.


Steve always changed diapers when Lily was a baby.

It was never in question.

He did it cuz he had to.

He's a man and men don't gag at the site of baby poo. (Not real men, anyway.)

Potty training...

No problem.

With his help, we took Lily to victory over diapers.

But now, the man is sick of helping Lily take care of business in the bathroom.

So tonight as Lily headed to the bathroom, Steve disappeared.


To fix my treadmill.

He would rather get into electronics and heavy machinery than take another trip to the little girls room.

AKA Dish Diarrhea.

It has evolved.


  1. I was already starting to work on the stupid treadmill thank you very much..... you were busy sitting on your backside watching TV.... :P

  2. LOL! That blog and comment were totally worth my time! HAHAHAHAHA!

  3. Lol, thats just the way it is in our house!! :) Riley doesnt even call for daddy when he goes to the bathroom. its always Mommy! Can you wipe my butt please!! :) LOL
    Kids and husbands are funny. & yay now you get to wipe butts, and then workout! how fun!

  4. We never called it dish diarrhea. But, I do know exactly what you are talking about. I may have pulled it a few times in my teenage years.

  5. FYI-- The name Dishwash Diarreha came about by your father Amy. He (the trouble maker) came up with it whenever (I believe it was Doug) would always find an excuse to get out of the dishes. (It may have been John trying to get out of it) Anyway, that's where it came from so it will forever go on in our families from generations to generations.

  6. Don't encourage him.

    And yes, I was on my backside, Steve. And if I recall, you were seated next to me up until about 20 seconds before nature called Lily.

    Me=Black Kettle

  7. At least he was good about doing it for this long. How did you get so lucky?

  8. I've put a lot of hours into him. I take complete credit.

  9. Behold the arrogance.

    And the lies.

    She was like this as a girl as well, though she kept it hidden from the world. :P


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