that's what i have, folks

...a big, fat case of the fizzles.

The "nays" have it.

I've lost my zest for this blogging phenom.

At the moment.

I have other things I want to do.

But occasionally, I'll put my two cents in the piggy bank.

This shouldn't come as a surprise.

If you haven't noticed, my entries have been a bit...half-baked.

There's no love in them. (Unless they involve Lily.)

I've just lost the fever.

And I don't want to have one more thing on my list that I have to try to be interesting for.

Too much effort right now.

Especially since I think I have an ulcer.

No, really.

But like I said.

I'll give you a little tid bit of nonsense now and then.

Or if my family does something that the rest of the world might think is interesting, I'll blog that too.

Or if I make something that I think is pretty or tasty or anything that I spent more than 20 minutes creating.

But I'm not forcing this.

And I'll still be reading all the millions of awesome blogs I've come across over the years.

I'm not hanging up my hat, just taking it off to let a little air onto the ole noggin'.


  1. Yeah, sometimes the noggin needs some airing.

  2. It's a new phenomenon: Blogger's block. :)

  3. I wasn't planning on having blogger's block when I was younger.

    And it's more than a block. It's a Blogger's I-don't-so-much-feel-the-blogging-love kind of thing.

  4. I will look forward to your occassional posts. You will be missed.

  5. See ya soon! Enjoy your time off!

  6. I like the pic, it looks nice, wish I was there. :) Your opinionated, you will be back all the fall shows come back soon, I'm looking forward to your thoughts! :)


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